Remote Employees Telecommuting Via Google Apps

The virtual workforce is possible today much more easily with Google Apps. ¬†Telecommuting had barriers in the past, however, your employees are able to be connected to your business processes and collaborate quickly and efficiently with an internet connection and cloud computing with Google Apps, the backbone of cloud-based business today. With one in fiveContinue reading “Remote Employees Telecommuting Via Google Apps”

Google Apps For Small Business

Google Apps helps small businesses stay focused on their core offerings without getting mired in the headaches of IT.¬† Years ago, most startups and small businesses had to get a server with Microsoft Exchange and load Outlook onto all the machines of their employees.¬† The overhead was not only in the hardware and software butContinue reading “Google Apps For Small Business”

Data Migration From Outlook

To migrate your Contacts, Calendar and email from Microsoft Outlook to your new Google Apps account, simply click here to download the Outlook migration tool. Note the migration tool button.¬† Load this and select from the wizard what items you will want to migrate.   Note that thousands of emails will take many hours toContinue reading “Data Migration From Outlook”