Find Your Everest Now

“If you are not authentic and passionate about what you do, someone who is will overtake you effortlessly.” ~ Raj Rawat Drifting is a sad existence. You go through the motions and live an unfulfilled life. You’re not only robbing yourself of great possibilities in this extremely short life, but the world doesn’t get yourContinue reading “Find Your Everest Now”

Ready, Fire, Aim

  I’m pretty sure that some people impede any chance of success as an entrepreneur or business owner because of overanalysis. Visioning, selling and being action-oriented are what propels new businesses to grow. Analysis, deliberation and politicking are for the big, slow, top-heavy corporations that are getting spun around in this new economy. They areContinue reading “Ready, Fire, Aim”

Overcoming Inertia In Your Work

We’re all ruled by inertia. I was a mechanical engineer in my past life.  It was drilled into my head that the laws of physics are governed by Newton’s laws of motion.  The first law according to Wikipedia states: Every body remains in a state of constant velocity unless acted upon by an external unbalanced force.ThisContinue reading “Overcoming Inertia In Your Work”

Innovation Is Security

When the world we lived in was about production and efficiency, we could find security in being a little better than everyone else.  We just had to focus on getting what was known done with quality and meeting expectations.  In this, we had security.  We enjoyed job security, long-term contracts, customer loyalty and predictable revenueContinue reading “Innovation Is Security”

Posing Versus Passion

The problem with trends is that the posers ruin a good thing.  The wrong questions are asked. “How do I get more people to friend me?” “How many tweets should I do every day?” “How do I get on Google first?” The good thing was always there from the beginning.  Connecting with people, helping businessesContinue reading “Posing Versus Passion”

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