Exponential Growth

Our human brains have a hard time understanding or accepting exponential trends. We prefer and interpret events and trends to be linear. Like a nice Sunday drive that is steady in course, direction and speed, we think life events unfold this way. However, the reality is that we have acceleration occurring at unprecedented speeds. WhetherContinue reading “Exponential Growth”

The Fit Matters More Than Your Desire

Ever notice that there are things you might want but you are just mediocre at it? Most of the things you attempt, you will be mediocre at, for that matter. Your body, brain and coordination simply underperform compared to a person who naturally steps in and makes it happen. Being mediocre at something doesn’t meanContinue reading “The Fit Matters More Than Your Desire”

Big is Much Harder Than Small

Just because something is working on a small scale does not mean it will work on a larger scale. You might be able to buy and sell a few computers or hardware but running a division of Hewlett-Packard or Dell is a different game altogether. The amount of resources to manage to get an outputContinue reading “Big is Much Harder Than Small”

Procrastination Might Be Telling You Something

“Sometimes the best way to finish a project is to just drop it completely.” ~ Arianna Huffington We live in a physical, emotional, visceral reality that is constantly giving us feedback. Daunting heights warn us not to jump with abandon. Temperatures tell us whether to touch something or stay clear. Some things are readily interpretedContinue reading “Procrastination Might Be Telling You Something”

Creativity Is Still the Differentiator

I think that mentality of working harder is a comfort zone when you don’t know what to do. You don’t have to take ownership of your direction. You can simply, perhaps mindlessly, keep going down a path of merely working without thinking. If you are a hard worker, that’s great. You need execution to make ideasContinue reading “Creativity Is Still the Differentiator”

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