Don’t Blame The Tools

  There are too many success stories of people using simple tools to get amazing results. Put those same instruments or software in the hands of someone less talented and you get a completely different result. Of course, it’s easier to blame tools than look in the mirror. The truth is that to make somethingContinue reading “Don’t Blame The Tools”

Betting On Facebook Is A Poor Strategy

I caught the article on Zynga’s IPO (Facebook: Zynga’s Number 1 Frenemy) and it further exposes the reality distortion between a platform provider and a value producer. There is a temporary symbiosis between the gaming provider Zynga which leverages Facebook’s platform. Zynga’s valuation and revenue is derived from access to a marketplace Facebook created. Facebook’sContinue reading “Betting On Facebook Is A Poor Strategy”

Platforms, Positioning And Personas

The hype with social media and internet marketing can distort the possibilities of promoting your brand in the new economy. There are indeed a lot of gold diggers out there seeking fortune and fame but lacking the true strategies for success. Since the tools for publication and promotion have been democratized and accessible, the gameContinue reading “Platforms, Positioning And Personas”

Facebook’s Place On Your Blog

I was on’s Blog doing some research for some articles I was writing.  I wanted to leave a comment and refer back to another article I wrote on’s platform and AppExchange.  Then a weird thing happened.  Social media wires got crossed.  In their zeal would only let me leave a comment byContinue reading “Facebook’s Place On Your Blog”

Twitter And Facebook In Your Business

It’s easy to post a Facebook status or Tweet.  It’s difficult to build something that is of true value with these easy tools.  Social media is a powerful distribution channel to point to your real work.  It is metawork; it is work which refers to your real work. The real work is the value youContinue reading “Twitter And Facebook In Your Business”

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