Relationships Are Everything

“I’m confident if I lost everything today and had to start over, I could do it just as well—or better—considering what I know now. I’ve learned that relationships are everything, and my relationships are better than 10 years ago, so it wouldn’t be a problem. When you’ve built relationships from being in service and addingContinue reading “Relationships Are Everything”

Asymmetry Can Bite You

Have you ever assumed something about someone and been surprised? Assumptions can bite you in the butt pretty fast if you are not careful. I like to be surprised all the time. And I don’t like to make assumptions. One thing I do assume is that any person or opportunity I engage has asymmetry. There isContinue reading “Asymmetry Can Bite You”

Marketing Automation With Story

Marketing automation serves to nurture unready buyers.  The strategy for nurturing effectively is the art within marketing automation that is both difficult and critical.  When we implement a marketing automation campaign for our clients, we have to be able to tell their story and connect the dots with the customer’s pain. Story is what createsContinue reading “Marketing Automation With Story”

Buyer Behavior

I recently took my car to Reliable Chevrolet to have my Corvette serviced for inoperable signal lights. This was the fourth time my car had this identical problem. Since my last visit to Reliable Chevrolet, my warranty had expired and you can pretty much guess what happened. Reliable Chevrolet became Unreliable Chevrolet! They weren’t thinkingContinue reading “Buyer Behavior”

Serving Your Customer Well

If you can slow down enough to listen, if you can focus on something outside yourself, you will see that people are carrying immense burdens. Everyone is trying to solve some problem. Everyone has problems, whether rich or poor, struggling or successful. The problems merely change forms. Your customer has problems. Have you ever thoughtContinue reading “Serving Your Customer Well”

Winning: Prove You Care

The pursuit of excellent service as an owner of a business or a consumer seems to be an elusive goal. In my time with business people, this topic is difficult work. It requires thinking in the place of the customer. What do your customers want in the area of service? First and foremost, your customerContinue reading “Winning: Prove You Care”

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