Talk About My Problems

Here’s how to sell without results.  Start selling like the mass majority of sales, marketing and business people out there.  They all want to sell you what they have.  Is that truly what you as the customer are thinking – “I want to be sold?” Unfortunately, there are many from the school of hard knocksContinue reading “Talk About My Problems”

9 Percent Short

Do you know Roko Karanusic?  He is one of the top 100 players in tennis.  He is not number one.  Arguably, he is 90% of Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal, both brand names and highly endorsed stars in the top five in the world.  Becoming 99% of what those stars are creates a large gapContinue reading “9 Percent Short”

Defending Mediocrity

Customers today ignore boring products.  Old brands which do not inspire passion or luster are not guaranteed to be around, for customers increasingly value what is novel and stands out rather than what was promoted to be safe, common, and routine. Many of the institutions we see (yours may be one of them) are intrinsicallyContinue reading “Defending Mediocrity”

The Biggest Secret In Business

The biggest secret in business is right in front of you. Take out your credit card receipt from last month. Review it. Do any of the items stand out? How many could you have done without for another month? How many could you have done without period? The question begs asking, why did you buy?Continue reading “The Biggest Secret In Business”

Selling is Losing

The number one skill in business is selling. You do not have a job or income unless you or someone on your team makes a sale. Life does not move forward unless someone sells their ideas. The rest of people who play it safe choose to stay oblivious to this one truth. The reason theyContinue reading “Selling is Losing”

Selling By Systems Not By Sweat

There is a story of a mountain village which experienced an unforgiving drought. The condition was deteriorating to the point that a village elders’ meeting was held. They decided to hire two men to solve the problem of bringing water to the village from the valley below where a well existed. The first man gotContinue reading “Selling By Systems Not By Sweat”

The Big Picture of Selling

I remember competing at the University of Chicago in our conference championship track meet one dreary winter. I had finished my race and was sitting on the sidelines to watch the 60 meter dash. It was cold. Indoor track season in the north is bitter and frigid. The gun went off with six sprinters comingContinue reading “The Big Picture of Selling”

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