Make Good Deals So We Don’t Hate Each Other

I have always said, “Good agreements make for great relationships. Bad agreements make for bad relationships.” And having done many deals over many years, I can see where I have had a profitable and fun relationship when there are explicit expectations. And when there has been innuendo or ambiguity, relationships suffer because there is notContinue reading “Make Good Deals So We Don’t Hate Each Other”

Hustle as Strategy

Have you seen people that are simply too rich? I actually think we are too rich as a society overall. We have the ability to solve so many problems, much larger than we are attacking, for sure. But we are comfortable, complacent and unmotivated. Simply watch people’s behaviors, especially after some success, and tell meContinue reading “Hustle as Strategy”

Most Things Are a No

I like to start my days working my ongoing Gmail Task list. The best way to complete a project is to simply delete it, forget about it and move on. So, the first thing I do is eliminate tasks and projects that may have originated with sincere intentions but lack impact towards my goals today.Continue reading “Most Things Are a No”

How to Game Opportunities Your Way

It really is enticing to buy into some fad, secret sauce or crowd hype especially when it comes to deal making and opportunities. It feels secure to do the “right things” and rely on determinism. That kind of thinking may have been true before the floodgates of access were opened and anyone and everyone couldContinue reading “How to Game Opportunities Your Way”

You Have Limited Options for Selling

When we discuss sales strategies with clients, there’s commonly a misnomer about what options are available. We live in an attention-starved world full of information and glamorous messages that cloud our thinking. The reality is that for B2B Professional Selling, especially of professional services, you don’t have that many options for selling consistently and growingContinue reading “You Have Limited Options for Selling”

Look What I Did For You

It’s much easier to sell “Look what I did for you” than “Look what I avoided for you.” ~ Nassim Taleb, Antifragile I lament that our society and human nature exalts the glamorous over the shrewd. “Look what I did for you” garners perceived value so readily. Perhaps it’s because we are wired to respond toContinue reading “Look What I Did For You”

Be Smarter On Your Cycles

I agree with Socrates’ famous lines, The unexamined life is not worth living. After all, simply continuing to repeat mistakes and not recognizing the opportunities to make something different happen is tragic, at best. You have likely seen the ebb and flow of your business cycles, relationships and even cash flow. There are market moods,Continue reading “Be Smarter On Your Cycles”

The Feedback Advantage

  The worst thing that you can do in your work is to continue with business-as-usual when there are unseen forces acting on you. Whether you feel content working a job or continuing to work in a market that is obsolescing, the lack of feedback on a daily basis can build up into a cataclysmic event,Continue reading “The Feedback Advantage”

The Last Mover Advantage

First movers do have some advantages. Like an Oklahoma land rush they can stake their claim in a new market and hold a position that comes with being first. This kind of positioning in the mind of people new to a market means less work persuading buyers on what is the best in class. However,Continue reading “The Last Mover Advantage”

Getting a 10,000% Return on Investment

The whole concept of business is inverted today compared to 20 years ago. You may have old notions that entrepreneurship is inaccessible or extremely risky. However, that is old and outdated information. The reality is that entrepreneurship is much lower risk than many other business pursuits. It’s easy to set up and start a business.Continue reading “Getting a 10,000% Return on Investment”