Nobody Wants to Meet for Lunch

Lunch was the way business got done. But it’s not the way of the world these days in a connected economy. A few reasons people don’t want to meet you: It’s going to take 3 hours. Maybe an hour lunch, but fighting traffic, getting out of a groove and getting back into a groove isContinue reading “Nobody Wants to Meet for Lunch”

Growth Hacking with Extreme Networking

It is expensive and difficult to market your business with advertising and low conversion strategies. If you believe that business is ultimately people, then consider growing your business by paying attention to the connections you make. One growth hacking habit that can pay extreme dividends over time is to focus on the personal connections youContinue reading “Growth Hacking with Extreme Networking”

Fooled by Automation

Did you hear about the Georgia Tech teaching assistant, Jill Watson? Using machine learning and automated, human responses, students were fooled by the artificial intelligence machine learning experience. The approach to engaging people goes beyond classrooms and is continually being pushed in the marketplace. While we could previously understand how automation could efficiently build ourContinue reading “Fooled by Automation”

Implement This Critical Growth Hacking Technique

You may not have big data as the likes of Wal-Mart online or Amazon. However, if you don’t understand your data set from how customers buy and engage with you, then your selling efforts can be highly wasteful. You could be working on things that don’t matter and waste money in the wrong areas tryingContinue reading “Implement This Critical Growth Hacking Technique”

Growth Hacking by Networking with the Business Cycle

If you notice there’s a weekly business cycle. Try getting someone’s attention on a Monday morning and you will find unreturned calls and a frenetic pace. Now try touching base with people on Friday mornings and you have a much more relaxed conversation on the phone. There is a weekly cycle we are on, andContinue reading “Growth Hacking by Networking with the Business Cycle”

Selling By Being Organized

IBM used to train their salespeople with the BANT method: Budget Authority Need Timing It’s still an excellent framework to ensure you are selling to people that can say, “Yes!” However, that last item, “timing,” is a big variable today. We work within much more chaos and the vast majority of businesspeople are disorganized. TheirContinue reading “Selling By Being Organized”

Use Growth Hacking To Test Your Ideas

Can you imagine simply starting 5 different entrepreneurial ideas at once? With the simple constraint of time, you would naturally minimize your risks and attention and use growth hacking strategies that would help you figure out what is worth investing further attention towards. That’s the beauty of a world where we have digitized our positioningContinue reading “Use Growth Hacking To Test Your Ideas”

Efficient Selling and Data Decisions

It’s a strange thing to think that behind the scenes engineers at Amazon are studying your every move. They are honing in using machine learning and predictive analytics on your behaviors to present you the right offer at the right time at the right price. It’s the competitive reality of retail. Wal-mart, Nordstrom and HiltonContinue reading “Efficient Selling and Data Decisions”

The Attention-Starved Reality of Selling

How do you stand out and sell in a world of infinite choice, easy access and endless world-class products? We have too much of everything. But we are limited in our ability to give attention to everything. We can only read one book at a time, use one product at a time and talk toContinue reading “The Attention-Starved Reality of Selling”