Marketing Strategy: Endear Me

We want to be endeared.  It’s a rarity today.  In a given day, it is not uncommon to experience impersonal and bad service.  I was recently at a store where I had a conversation with the clerk that went like this: Me: “How is your day going?” Clerk: “Not so great.  I’m finally getting aContinue reading “Marketing Strategy: Endear Me”

10 Ways We Manage Projects For Change Management

We work on many types of projects with our clients around the world.  Today’s project management is so much different than before the internet and integrated online software caused the world to move fast…much faster.  Our team takes full advantage of the cloud, and we have an effective approach to how we manage projects.  We thoughtContinue reading “10 Ways We Manage Projects For Change Management”

Serving Your Customer Well

If you can slow down enough to listen, if you can focus on something outside yourself, you will see that people are carrying immense burdens. Everyone is trying to solve some problem. Everyone has problems, whether rich or poor, struggling or successful. The problems merely change forms. Your customer has problems. Have you ever thoughtContinue reading “Serving Your Customer Well”

Test the Welcome Mat

One of the best ways to know for sure if customers really count is to evaluate how an organization deals with complaints. At one of our Dream Retreats, we learned from a participant whose daughter manages a Limited, Inc. store location in Arizona that the company will dismiss a store manager who receives three unresolvedContinue reading “Test the Welcome Mat”

Winning: Prove You Care

The pursuit of excellent service as an owner of a business or a consumer seems to be an elusive goal. In my time with business people, this topic is difficult work. It requires thinking in the place of the customer. What do your customers want in the area of service? First and foremost, your customerContinue reading “Winning: Prove You Care”

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