I Want to Grow Opportunities with Apps

I saw this recent statistic to date for number of apps for my Apple devices at 2.2 million and 2.8 million for Google Play! It blows my mind how much technology is available for every average person out there with a thought and a click. We got here fast. When you look at these numbers, doContinue reading “I Want to Grow Opportunities with Apps”

Growth Hacking with Testing in These 6 Sales Channels

Selling your products or services today in an overcrowded, inattentive marketplace has a high degree of difficulty for sure. You may have the best offering, but what does that mean if you can’t connect and get people to pay attention? If you break down sales into channels and testing, you can create a growth hackingContinue reading “Growth Hacking with Testing in These 6 Sales Channels”

Find the Disproportionate Sales Channel

The power law is alive and well. If you have not figured it out already and are one of those souls insisting in a flatter, linear and evenly distributed world, your aspirations might be highly elusive and frustrating. For whoever has will be given more, and they will have an abundance. Whoever does not have,Continue reading “Find the Disproportionate Sales Channel”

The 3 Most Natural Entrepreneurial Traits

Are entrepreneurs born or made? Yes. They are both. I see those that walk that arduous journey strive well, but if you don’t have the natural traits then it’s a lot more work to be aware of your weaknesses. Ultimately, entrepreneurship is about decision making. And your natural instincts, especially under stress, will drive your nextContinue reading “The 3 Most Natural Entrepreneurial Traits”

Why You Don’t Publish A Magazine

On the web there is a lot of copying. I can see evidence of copying from business partners, customers and competitors all the time. Some comfort themselves by saying it is the highest form of flattery. I disagree. If you tell the person and credit them, it is entirely different than if you silently steal. TheContinue reading “Why You Don’t Publish A Magazine”

Don’t Waste Attention

What happens when you get a thousand followers on Twitter, Facebook or any other social media platform? How does this convert monetarily, if at all? You don’t have to dig too deep to see the various motives on the platforms you participate in. Some play a game to make as many friends as possible. FriendContinue reading “Don’t Waste Attention”

Interruptions Destroy Productivity

As attention gets scarce, and the ability for everyone to push communications and work onto us is easy, our productivity is greatly affected. It is not uncommon for emails and calls to go without response. Furthermore, there are a lot of projects which suffer from interruptions from our computer screens or from office distractions. ItContinue reading “Interruptions Destroy Productivity”


We are certainly in uncertain times. I enjoyed Mauldin’s recent essay, “Who Took My Easy Button?” He shares some insightful information on the difficult and unyielding choices we face as a nation that have already played out in other countries like Greece and likely Italy. Another great capture can be found in Hugh MacLeod’s cartoonContinue reading “Uncertainty”

Finding The Use Case

The shear volume of options available to us today is daunting. It’s hard to imagine new products and services finding validity in many cases. On the other hand, inventors can get excited and focus too much on their breakthrough technology without figuring out how to monetize it. Ultimately, great technologies, systems and innovations have toContinue reading “Finding The Use Case”

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