Find Your Clues Pay Your Dues

Want to know what you should do and do with everything you got? Find your clues. Pay your dues. That’s a message my wife recently heard from Jen Hatmaker in a speech to a large audience looking for direction. It’s great advice to get on with the business of knowing what you should do. FindingContinue reading “Find Your Clues Pay Your Dues”

It’s No Big Deal

You may feel this way about things that are easy for you—it’s no big deal; anyone could do it. Be careful of the wrong thinking. The things that you find are “not a big deal” are things you earned because of: 1. Hard Work: You spent the hours probing, exploring and figuring out how somethingContinue reading “It’s No Big Deal”

Seeing the Elephant in the Room

In one of our recent seminars we conducted to help business professionals step into the new economy, I spent some time on the concept of awareness. Because we look at a situation through our own lens and bias, we inherently limit our perspective. It is part of being human. Our brains do not work inContinue reading “Seeing the Elephant in the Room”