Most People are Almost Fits at Best

Business problems are largely people problems. And, in the same vein, business is people. Yes, you can automate. That’s easier than dealing with people. Machines, software and automation follows rules, logic and functionality. But people don’t fit what the job usually requires. They are almost fits at best. They don’t come in the specific shape,Continue reading “Most People are Almost Fits at Best”

Do What You Are

When I find people unhappy in their work and listen to what’s dissatisfying them, the usual issue is that they are not doing what they are. It’s no secret most people hate their work. But why persist in misery when there is all this choice out there? You have one option. And then there areContinue reading “Do What You Are”

Find Your Clues Pay Your Dues

Want to know what you should do and do with everything you got? Find your clues. Pay your dues. That’s a message my wife recently heard from Jen Hatmaker in a speech to a large audience looking for direction. It’s great advice to get on with the business of knowing what you should do. FindingContinue reading “Find Your Clues Pay Your Dues”

Strengths: Entrepreneurship And Sales People

The need for closure around a goal is a characteristic of high goal low detail people.  People with this trait, to varying degrees, act with speed and decisiveness.  The need for closure is very high.   It is a common characteristic in professions such as sales and entrepreneurship. Committing To More Than You Can Deliver Internally,Continue reading “Strengths: Entrepreneurship And Sales People”

Strengths And Their Influence Multiplier Effect

In consulting with people over thousands of hours, I have found that many people do not recognize their strengths. Instead, they focus on their weaknesses. There is typically a disparity in the attention and obsession of attending to the latter rather than building on their strengths. Strengths tend to elude us.  Too often, we don’tContinue reading “Strengths And Their Influence Multiplier Effect”