Most People are Almost Fits at Best

Business problems are largely people problems. And, in the same vein, business is people. Yes, you can automate. That’s easier than dealing with people. Machines, software and automation follows rules, logic and functionality. But people don’t fit what the job usually requires. They are almost fits at best. They don’t come in the specific shape,Continue reading “Most People are Almost Fits at Best”

Be Dangerous But Disciplined

This interview with a navy seal breaking down a part of human nature with a renowned clinical psychologist is fascinating. This podcast interview between Jocko Willink and Jordan Peterson takes a look at how civility occurs. We want dangerous people that are disciplined. It’s a temperament and a part of keeping the peace in societyContinue reading “Be Dangerous But Disciplined”

Do What You Are

When I find people unhappy in their work and listen to what’s dissatisfying them, the usual issue is that they are not doing what they are. It’s no secret most people hate their work. But why persist in misery when there is all this choice out there? You have one option. And then there areContinue reading “Do What You Are”

You’re Not Good At It

Here’s the paradox of a blind spot – you can’t see it. It’s a blind spot. What if you can’t see that you are simply not good at something? You have put in enormous effort and time, but you are still blind. Perhaps you can notice when someone else does the very same things youContinue reading “You’re Not Good At It”

Breaking Through Your Glass Ceiling

If you have worked in corporate environments, then you may have heard about career glass ceilings. It’s where your skills, influence or situation prevent you from getting promoted any further in the pyramid structure on the org chart. Something is limiting you, whether yourself or your environment. If you are a business owner, you mayContinue reading “Breaking Through Your Glass Ceiling”

If You Don’t Know Who You Are

Knowing who you are and what your limits are is critical for true success.  We all have limits.  It is quite apparent when you observe people.  Imagine some of your closest friends and their characteristics.  You have an expectation of what they will be like on a consistent basis.  They play out their scripts prettyContinue reading “If You Don’t Know Who You Are”

When It’s Not Showtime

There was a telling comment made a few years ago by famed NBA basketball star, Allen Iverson. He revealed his perspective about practice, “We’re talking about practice man, we’re not even talking about the game, when it actually matters, we’re talking about practice.” At that time, Iverson was the MVP of the National Basketball Association.Continue reading “When It’s Not Showtime”

It’s No Big Deal

You may feel this way about things that are easy for you—it’s no big deal; anyone could do it. Be careful of the wrong thinking. The things that you find are “not a big deal” are things you earned because of: 1. Hard Work: You spent the hours probing, exploring and figuring out how somethingContinue reading “It’s No Big Deal”