Facebook’s Place On Your Blog

I was on Salesforce.com’s Blog doing some research for some articles I was writing.  I wanted to leave a comment and refer back to another article I wrote on Salesforce.com’s platform and AppExchange.  Then a weird thing happened.  Social media wires got crossed.  In their zeal Salesforce.com would only let me leave a comment byContinue reading “Facebook’s Place On Your Blog”

Twitter And Facebook In Your Business

It’s easy to post a Facebook status or Tweet.  It’s difficult to build something that is of true value with these easy tools.  Social media is a powerful distribution channel to point to your real work.  It is metawork; it is work which refers to your real work. The real work is the value youContinue reading “Twitter And Facebook In Your Business”

Choose Good Twitter Usernames

When you are choosing a Twitter username, or handle, it is important to think strategically about the impacts this will have for your branding long-term.  You will undoubtedly have many followers and tweets over the course of time.  The username you use will be important for a variety of reasons. Changing Your Twitter Username WhenContinue reading “Choose Good Twitter Usernames”

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