If You Are Not the Winner Do This

Someone has to be the the winner. Someone has to be Facebook. Or Uber. Or Google. In our connected economy, we have a winner-take-all dynamic. It’s easier to consolidate and see a clear winner arise from¬†leveraging a business system. However, what we see and are aware of is based on a success bias. We don’tContinue reading “If You Are Not the Winner Do This”

Buyers Or Friends?

Activity should never be confused with results, and friends should not be confused with buyers.¬† The intoxication of today’s marketing with social media is reminiscent of the dot com fever years ago. Since when did being popular online become more important than what matters most for a business- revenue?¬† Being social can feel rewarding, butContinue reading “Buyers Or Friends?”

Automating The Professional Sales Team

Buyers are moving away from reliance on a professional sales team. The old days of selling have have become irrelevant. It would be like managing your productivity with a PalmPilot today. It is not connected nor relevant in today’s ecosystem. Let’s look at the value of a professional sales team and the cost/benefit. Creating Awareness:Continue reading “Automating The Professional Sales Team”