Do You Have Thousands of Emails in Your Inbox?

I wrote the book, ZeroInbox, a few years ago to help business clients with a fundamental bottleneck in their workflow, their inbox. I have trained executives, teams and workshop attendees on this methodology to increase speed, clarity and consistency in managing the relentless flow of email in business. I think a lot of people simply giveContinue reading “Do You Have Thousands of Emails in Your Inbox?”

Use This Leadership To Get Things Done

There are all these productivity systems out there, and I find this one thing is often underestimated. Speed. We don’t live in a world where what comes in is controlled and steady. If you are like the typical knowledge worker, it is absolute chaos on a given business workday with calls, emails, meetings and requests.Continue reading “Use This Leadership To Get Things Done”

4 Google Apps System Review Tips

A team working in Google Apps is comprised of a bunch of individuals. The advantage of Google Apps is that everyone is collaborating and executing within one system. However, over time, each user may not be using the system in the most efficient or ideal way for the highest levels of success. Knowledge work comesContinue reading “4 Google Apps System Review Tips”

Google Apps Is About Actions

Collaboration is great, however, it is a means, not an end.  Action is what matters.  As knowledge workers, we have to work at light speed because the people who interact with us every day push work on us easily.  We are bombarded with email, content, projects and other forms of ambiguity. If you can convertContinue reading “Google Apps Is About Actions”

Faster Gmail Productivity

Your Google Apps system should be your slave, not your master.  If technology overruns your life, then you are continually at its mercy when interruptions bombard your work day.  The easy interface of Google Apps Mail and speed of processing allows you to move quickly in and out of your email. The technology is notContinue reading “Faster Gmail Productivity”

Google Apps Tasks For Productivity

Google Apps appeals to users because of its elegance and simplicity.  We all have random tasks which need to be captured.  These tasks move us forward with clarity on next steps or a parking place for next steps.  In knowledge work, we need only focus on decisions and actions to drive outcomes.  Having an integratedContinue reading “Google Apps Tasks For Productivity”

Keeping a ZeroInbox In Google Apps

Google Apps is built to help you keep a zero inbox.  This is a strategy of execution which helps you towards higher levels of productivity and having peace of mind.  It maps to the reality of today – relentless onslaughts of information inputs in your life and the need to keep moving. As a knowledgeContinue reading “Keeping a ZeroInbox In Google Apps”

Auto Advance To Next Message After Reading

To increase your productivity in Google Apps mail, be sure to enable the Auto-Advance feature in the Labs tab of Google Apps.  It is listed within the Settings->Labs area: This will enable a listing in the General Tab.  From there, be sure to choose: Reading Your Email Fast You can focus on keeping your zeroinboxContinue reading “Auto Advance To Next Message After Reading”

What If

Many businesses and workers are facing times of uncertainty. The business climate today is a testing ground for ideas. We all ask ourselves the key question which triggers any forward movement or holds us back from opportunities. We ask ourselves, “What if…?” Your thoughts will reveal whether you do business as a cynic or aContinue reading “What If”

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