These are testimonials of a small fraction of past clients I have worked with and that can be found on my LinkedIn profile for recommendations:

Miles Spencer

Miles Spencer

Founder, Vaux les Ventures. And then some.

Don’s been great in this regard; there is no difference between what he says and what he does. Quite refreshing as a purveyor of marketing science! I have enjoyed how he meaningfully manages the funnel, and teach all he touches the same process. It’s not easy, but it’s good.

Read more…We are the Factory post.

Robert Bredehoft

Robert Bredehoft

Vice President Sales at Convey Computer

Don was a pro at helping my team and I to refine project goals this process helped remove many of the gray areas in the overall project. Don’s team then went on to deliver the project on time and worked closely with us to fine tune the workflows and reporting. Don took on a complex project for our start up, helped us focus, and was a real business coach during and after project execution. Don thanks for your guidance.

Joseph Williams

Joseph W. Williams

Specialist for Deep Value Global Investors & Real Estate Asset Managers to create high risk- adjusted return investments

Don is a business visionary but is also very hands on and practical. He helped me create a business marketing plan via a newsletter that has totally changed my business and is likely the biggest asset the company has. I would recommend Don to anyone who is having business challenges or growth issues.

Daniel Levitats

Daniel Levitats

Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Don facilitated a project of Lead to Opportunity to help bridge the gaps between sales and marketing in our company. He has great business as well as system understanding, and ability to facilitate discussions and build plans for business transformation. He is a pleasure to work with.

Jim Rosenthal

Jim Rosenthal

President at Rosenthal Energy Advisors

Don is amazing. Great depth and knowledge of business systems and excellent client service. Explains everything so that your entire team can understand it. Highly recommended! -Jim Rosenthal, President, Rosenthal Energy Advisors


Bryan Guinn

Helping you align technology with your business vision

We had Don and his team come in to help us with our current market approach. The insights gained from the engagement with them were absolutely worth the time and money! I would definitely recommend you use Don and his team as resources to accomplish your business goals.

Kristy Barber

Don is a pleasure to work with and has helped my company immensely. He and Sonya helped me get a great system in place as well as identify next steps in my marketing and sales strategies.


Bryan Wachs

Bryan Wachs provides Flat Fee Internet Sales & Marketing services, taking the $??? out of your infrastructure

Don is a visionary in sales and marketing consulting and enablement. His leadership has helped myself and many companies to grow using automation tools and adopting best practices in an ever dynamic landscape.

I would recommend him highly when you need to pivot. You need experienced, creative thinking to execute and expand and Don can provide this perspective.


Neal Prevost

Partner: Prevost and Shaff

Don was our consultant that brought our firm into the age of the cloud. He was instrumental in us being a very early adopter of SAS. Don was diligent, knowledgeable and responsive. I would highly recommend Don in whatever capacity he was being considered.

Neal P.


Brooke Kitzmiller

We have two businesses that are both extremely unique, and Don made it look easy as he learned the best ways for us to manage our growth much more efficiently. Not to mention, we had gone through other consultants who couldn’t get the job done, but Don saved the day. Thank you so much! 5/5 stars!


Jimmy Mercer

Owner & Director

As a former client, I would recommend Don to anyone looking for a reliable and professional resource. Don was easy to work with and provided a level of wisdom and positive interaction that is hard to find and refreshing.


George Fitzgerald

Retired IT Director

Working with Don Dalrymple proved to be a valuable learning experience. We worked with Don, and his assembled team, to develop a CRM team. Don brought fresh insight to the table offering elegant solutions that helped us streamline development time and communication. We were able to complete our project on time, within budget. After development and training, the final application was easily managed by our internal staff.


Michael Pollack

Partner at KBL, LLP

Don was terrific in assisting our company in establishing more efficient ways to run or business.


Sonya Clements

Paralegal at Prevost, Shaff, Mason & Carns, PLLC

Don is very detailed oriented. He answered all of our questions and got the job completed before schedule. I would recommend him to anyone.


Marc Meadows

Owner, Meadows Analysis & Design, LLC

Don has been a fantastic strategic guide for me and my business. I am looking forward to where we will go in the future.


Steve Savad

CEO at UmbrellaMD

Don Dalrymple is the consummate professional who is always the “smartest guy in the room.” I have had the good fortune (and great pleasure) to work with Don multiple times over the better part of the past decade and every time he has exceeded my expectations. Don always seems to go above and beyond the call of duty and manages to bring value to every part of an organization that he touches. His dynamic background, coupled with a sharp eye for detail and opportunity, combine to bring a uniquely powerful package.. In short, Don is worth his weight in gold to any organization that is lucky enough to engage him!


Bryan Flanagan

Executive Sales Educator, Sales Trainer, Presentation Skills Coach

Don provided great value in a number of ways. He thoroughly researched our company, compiled the findings, shared this information in a straightforward report, and made solid recommendations on how we could improve. He did this all in a professional, candid manner. You’ll enjoy working with Don.


Wendy Loloff Cooper

CEO at Generation Schools Network

I so enjoyed working with Don and his team! They made the engagement very efficient for me as a CEO, were timely in their responses, calculated about the process and their recommendations are spot on. I look forward to digesting them further and figuring out how to incorporate them to drive our organization forward.


Kristopher Klaich

Associate at Booz Allen Hamilton

Don is an excellent business and personal developer–he has the ability to analyze complex business and psychological hurdles and understand the core dynamics instinctively that drive a person or an industry. These abilities are even more potent combined with his ability to communicate these insights effectively to his clients, a rare combination.


Bill Jones

The Jones Firm

Don is great at helping businesses realize their full potential by streamlining and rethinking the way they do business. He helped my practice by his suggestions for everything from computer services to web design and process management. He also writes a helpful periodic blog that hits every element of business growth and personnel management. I highly recommend him for any business at any stage of development.


Jeff Mankoff

CEO, vPromos, Inc.

Don helped me become a thought leader in my card linking loyalty industry. His coaching ensures that I stay on path and continue to publish and follow up. I endorse Don


Erika Cannon

President at Rally Prospecting

Don is a no-nonsense business consultant who can diagnose issues that are keeping your business from growing; in addition, he provides a workable solution. He is a creative thinker who helped me change the way I think about the delivery of my software platform and how my team supports clients. We can now do more with the same resources.


Bram Frankel

Fashion Entrepreneur

Although engaged specifically to streamline and refine our communications and workflow systems, Don approached the relationship as a stakeholder might and he became more of a strategic consultant – and his work was simply world-class. Don is the consummate professional, and I would highly recommend him to anyone considering his services.


José Ricardo de Sampaio Carvalho (Caco)

Partner at InDev Capital

Don is an extremely efficient business coach and the best process driven person I have ever worked. He has been very helpful at InDev to assist with our investor outreach and his process driven nature have improved our Brazil revenue. In fact, as a result of one of the initiatives with Don, we have raised our prices by over 7X in less than six months.

Kamyar Shah

Business Consultant – Management Consultant

My experience with Don has been unique and educational to say the least. Don is the embodiment of organizational coherence combined with executive level coaching capabilities. During our collaboration I have found Don to be extremely logical and methodical in terms of strategies, tactics and implementation.

I would recommend Don without any hesitation to any organization that seeks to establish a coherent business to scale and grow or any organization that wishes to have its executive coached by one of the best in business .


Neil Chopra

Vice President

I have had the pleasure of working with Don on multiple projects for our company and each time it has turned out great. Don is spot on and truly cares for the clients and people he works with both on a professional and personal level!


Alex Wells


Don has been a very thoughtful, inspiring advisor for my company for several years now. He brings a great deal of insight to any business challenge and takes the time to get to know the dynamics of his client’s organization. For us, that was the key to a successful implementation of Salesforce.com, which Don led us through. We greatly value our relationship with him and highly recommend his services.


Mike Hummel

Regional Sales Manager at Lucernex

Don is laser focused on generating value for clients. He possesses the unique gift of being both a luminary and a tactician – communicating both vision and detail with great clarity. He elevates those around him and without a doubt, he’s the kind of guy you would fight to have on your inner circle.


Beatriz del C. Martínez González

Co-Founder and Partner at InDev Capital. PhD Urban Development Candidate at UNICAMP

Don is one of those people who not only professionally but also personally motivates you . I have had the opportunity to work with Don as a Sales Coach at InDev Capital in our company in the last 3 or 4 years. He has been instrumental in improving our investment banking business’ relationship with our investors.

Don is not only smart but a person full of courage and passion for adventure . A good coach preaches with his own example more than speaking and Don exemplified every day , not only to his clients but also with his own family.

And he has proved it by sending amazing photos of his adorable children in the snowy mountains of Colorado! His family approaches life with the same energy and focus he encourages us to take with our business.

Don is incredibly good at what he does, a great visionary strategies sales and technical communication systems. He will inspire you!


Jennifer Sacco

Founder of Remarkable Women

Don and I have worked closely on projects for a couple of years and there isn’t anyone who works harder, more efficiently, or helps solve problems better than Don! His expertise and leadership are remarkable!


Michael Aars

President at Tidal Wave

Don cuts to the heart of why you do what you do. Sometimes better than even you can. I have all the confidence that he will expand your mind and your possibilities—if you’re brave enough to let him.

As a product of years of experience together, I trust both his wisdom and guidance. If you’re looking for success’ roadmap, begin your journey with Don.


Rodney Robinson

Director of Development at Team Summit Colorado

Don is a great Strategic Business Advisor who helped our team identify our needs and work through the best options on the market to meet those needs. As a nonprofit choosing a cost effective tool that can meet our needs was very exciting!

I would highly recommend Don Dalrymple for Strategic Business Advisory!


Ronda Turner

Sales Executive at Rogers Benefit Group

Don saved me when I took a new position and needed quick, but on my time SalesForce Administration Training. His training method was ideal for me, as he gave me back-up materials after each session. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing beginner or advanced assistance in this arena.


Carole Ly Sing Lao

Owner – CC Grow

Business is a journey that can be ridden best in the company of great minds, great energy and clear ability to set pathways for success. Don’s coaching work and attention are valuable for my growth as an entrepreneur. With him, we have created a team to continue growing and expanding. It is important to have an external source of guidance and I am glad I can rely on his expertise on finding solutions within my own, inspiring to transform and evolve.


Nasser Mohamed

Project Manager at Foxtrot Systems

Don is an extremely energetic leader and mentor, he channels his energy through minimalist problem-solving and focused purpose. Don drives all those he comes in contact with to continuously find and redefine purpose in their life and work; he motivates those around him to knock down walls of unnecessary protocol to quickly turn around milestones. His mentorship has enabled me to focus on what I find most valuable, which has further allowed me to unlock and always yearn great satisfaction in everything I do.


Lina Kurian ( Continuous Improvement Coach)

Director of Continuous improvement at Live meaningful and beautiful LLC

Don is a very good business coach. He help me streamline my business ideas and build a plan of actions. I am really happy I crossed his path. He has a great expertise of the online landscape. He is also a great teacher. If you don`t know what are the next steps for your business, Don will help you.


Chad Brooks

Marketing and Strategy Consultant at Chad Brooks

I’ve worked with Don on various projects over the past 6 years and in that timeline he has shared his seemingly infinite wisdom with me personally and with members of our organization that has enabled us to grow. Don has an innate ability to turn ideas into actions and to help others do the same.

Most recently, we brought him in to an executive level role within our business transformation process. Don is easily the most gifted individual I’ve ever met pertaining to talent evaluation, business systems and process creation and refinement. As such, Don continues to play a pivotal role within our organizations to this day and the value he brings is immeasurable.


Thomas Sigmund Warda

Engagement Conversion, Retention and Attraction Programs, UX Facilitators, Business Lie Spotter

I have had the pleasure of visiting with Don and believe that we share similar business philosophies and worldview. I have always been impressed with his professionalism, follow-up and tactical organizational skills. His ability to maintain lasting and meaningful relationships with past clients, friends and employees speaks volumes about his character. I enjoy working with Don and look forward to what the future brings.


JP Novak

President at 512 Solar

Don changed my life. He brought me a business road map for success when I hired him as my business coach over a year ago. A chronological plan with milestones and deliverables that needed to be completed to achieve the desired result, which was a business that was lean, profitable, efficient and free of drama. He said my business would be boring if we were able to execute the plan well. Sure enough earlier this year on a call with Don I told him I was bored and ready for more entrepreneurial activities. That’s the big picture benefit of working with Don. He will get you to the goal.
More importantly on a daily basis he was willing to roll up his sleeves and join the collaborative efforts with our team to solve problems, implement new systems and get things done. I had told Don I didn’t need another consultant to tell me what to do, I needed a coach who would jump into the mix with me and take responsibility to get things done. Don did that and more.
I owe much of the success of 512 Solar to Don’s strategic leadership and his tactical execution. He drove me towards the goal even when I couldn’t see the forest through the trees. Don has always demonstrated himself to be trustworthy and is willing to have the difficult conversations to make sure we are always on the same page. I give Don my complete endorsement and believe he has the knowledge, skill and experience to help any business owner or executive win in their respective fields.


Larry DeRamus

Founder and President @ DeRamus Wealth Management LLC

Don is an incredible mind and unique thought-partner. In retrospect, partnering with him during an important transition time in my business was one of the best investments I’ve made. His ability to help you cull the weeds from what’s truly important is absolutely unparalleled. He helped me separate myself from my peers early in the game with his understanding of tools and technology. He has truly earned the title ….Trusted Advisor. Thanks Don!!


Chris Kemp

Business Development

Don helped our business development team select the right CRM and implement effective processes which helped us improve our sales efficiency. He was very organized in helping implement these processes and very prompt in resolving any issues we had during the transition.


Andrea Turner

Regional Sales Director at Old Towne Title Co

Don is a visionary! I have worked with him on the opportunities open to us for business development and retention. He has a wide range of ideas to maximize the database we already have while introducing me to programs to engage, nurture and build on new client opportunity. Don has been instrumental in systems we have implemented to not only engage with new prospects but to track the success! I encourage you to have a conversation to see what lies ahead for you!


Ellie Phillips DDS

Entrepreneur, Author, Oral Health Consultant, Speaker

Don is a trusted resource and I think he is extremely compassionate and smart. Don’s “big thinking” mindset makes him an awesome business coach.
I value Don’s deep respect for ethics and the way he creates goals that are specifically tailored for his clients’ nature and abilities.


Ellen Newhouse

Author at Ellen Newhouse

Are you really ready to make changes and step up your game? Then hire Don! Don will challenge you to really own what you want and then the two of you will get busy creating a plan to get there! And…..before you even get started, he’ll have you take a “test” that gives you a clear evaluation of your true strengths…..this was so helpful for me. I come back to this knowledge again and again…..thanks Don for all of your help and guidance! I look forward to working together again in the future!


My-Cherie Haley

Youth Dream Coach and Consultant

Don has been a great business coach and mentor to me for last few years. He is highly organized and goal-oriented. He is also very knowledge about how to maintain a long lasting and lucrative business. Don’s blog helps keep me motivated and teaches me ways to grow as an entrepreneur. Don does an amazing job of making my feel like I can achieve and accomplish anything I want out of life.


Alan McClintock

Managing Member, Mobile Wireless LLC

Don has an unsurpassed knowledge of business processes and highly creative solutions for automating. Our company is small and I am impressed with the time that he invested with us. As a result, we are much more efficient and our sales continue to increase. I’m definitely a fan!


Eric Austin

Co-Owner at SurePro Painting

Don is a master at helping to filter the noise and stay focused on achieving goals. His systems and methods are invaluable for the ease and efficiency with which they allowed me to run my business. Most importantly, Don’s coaching was vital in helping me to identify my style, strengths, and weaknesses, and use that information for business growth as well as personal improvement.


Amanda Jones

Owner, Amanda Lee Jones Art Studio

I’m an artist who teaches painting from her home studio. Don helped me to organize and create systems for managing my business which proved invaluable in freeing up my time to do more of the art part of having an art business. I still get compliments on how “together” and professional I am. Thanks Don!


Zerrick Bynum

Founder at ShopOff

Don has a great approach to developing long-term (versus transactional) relationships. He freely provides valuable info at the onset in exploring different opportunities to work together. In our iintro call, he was very helpful in enlightening me about the marketing automation space, sharing key insights on the pros & cons of various software providers in the space. And he also is very personable, sharing some of his & his families personal experiences.

In summary, he is an easy call to make or take to explore opportunities.


Pablo Vicente Legazpi

CEO at CAEsoft Consulting S.L.

I have known Don and his family since many years ago, and time is the measure of a good friendship. For years I have met many good professional of the software business, and some of them (not many) I can say that are more than colleagues.
Don has a treasury called Sonya, and of course many human skills. One of these skills is the ability to get people enthusiastic with a project. As he did with me and Alibre. He has an open view, mentality of businessman but a good technician.


Johanna Kimball

Tax and Financial Consultant

Don brought much needed insight and stragegy to my business. He has enable me to reduce my overhead so that I can focus on what is most important in my business, which are my clients.


Jeff Nicely

Social Media Marketer

Don is a very smart guy with a keen ability to see into people situations and quickly assess needs and create solutions. He is not afraid to challenge the status quo yet he is laser focused on the goals he sets and his path to achieve them.

Don has been both an inspiration, encouragement and valuable resource to me and my business. Without hesitation I would recommend Don to anyone looking to take their business to the next level. He is the man to get you there as long as you are open to learning, willing to act, and couragous enough to think outside of your box.

I’m forever grateful for Don and the influence he has had on my life and for that, I say ‘THANK YOU’.


Whitney Hagen

Project Manager at ADS Auto Marketing

Don is an inspiring person to work with. Don is the definition of efficient and does not like to spend unnecessary time when he could be proactively improving inefficiencies.

I met Don and his wife in a non-work-related environment and was fortunate enough to have Don loop me in on a client he was working with. I am now happily working with Don and a new team and get to see Don’s skills shine through on a weekly basis.

Don is great at keeping things focused and moving forward. It is refreshing in a world where meetings can turn into tangent machines and result in nothing concrete. He likes turning conversations into tangible actions and is great at driving that home.


Amber Turrill Gomez

Funnel Engineer at White Coat Digital Ltd

Don is a unicorn. I say this because when he touches something, it becomes the best it can be – whether that’s fixing business relationships or businesses themselves, he makes it happen. He tends to know the different parts of an organization better than we know ourselves.

Whether you need a business fixed or some of your own habits addressed, Don both nurtures and gets right down to the point. I would recommend him to ANY business owner or anyone looking for business coaching. He’s life-changing.


Timothy Song

helping companies develop and showcase their employer brand

Don is one of the best connections I’ve made professionally. He’s been a mentor to me ever since I began working in sales and continues to provide insightful advice and guidance as I grow into my career.

His words are gold.


Troy Dodson

Neuro Performance Coach – I help combat & competition shooters improve accuracy by using the power of the mind

Don helped me design, test, and build a funnel “soup to nuts” that allowed my gym to thrive.

The funnel ranged from building a following, nurturing the audience with relevant content, and attracting qualified leads into the funnel.

Leads were qualified as prospects and we created an experience for each prospect that informed, educated and inspired them and ultimately led to a buying decision.

With Don’s help, my team and I were able to convert 60-70% or more of the prospects who tried us out into 18-month agreements, year over year.

Troy Dodson
Owner, CrossFit Plano (Former)


Huiyun (Jane) Kim

Solar Advocate/Community Builder

Don was a very efficient and helpful mentor to our group who guided us during initial growth process of the business.


Meshell R Baker, MBA

My mission is to help as many as possible find joy and enthusiasm for their lives through VISION Development.

Don is a powerful speaker who gives clarity to a cloudy uncertainty. He paints a picture of the reality of overly committed professionals with all too crowded lives. Then delivers an accessible road map of tools, tips and techniques for arriving to more liberating, enjoyable and light living. If you are seeking to explore and experience your life and desire unburdening your shackles of stuff, I highly recommend consulting with Don Dalrymple. As a speaker, he is quite engaging and enlightening.


Alecia Baptiste

Self Employed at Alecia Baptiste

Don is great with helping business owners streamline their systems and processes.so that they can spend more time serving their customers.


Greg Milliken

Vice President of Marketing at M-Files

Don is one of those unique individuals who combines sales, marketing and technical knowledge with creativity, the ability to simply role up his sleeves and get things done and an extreme passion for what he’s doing and why he’s doing it. I’d gladly work with him again and recommend him to anyone looking for a high-energy, results-oriented business leader.


Mandar Sukhatankar

Vice President, Bank of America

Don is a versatile and visionary leader who helped revive Alibre’s Sales and Marketing organization. He not only helped drive accountability, efficiency and laser-focus but was also the driving force behind moving us from an antiquated CRM platform to Salesforce, a best-of-breed platform. He’s passionate about helping people achieve their goals. I highly recommend him and would work again with him in a heartbeat.


AshokKrishnan Srinivasan

Senior Technical Consultant at M-Files Corporation

Don did a fantastic job of of kick starting sales and marketing at Alibre. I was very impressed by this extremely friendly and dynamic, young man with outstanding presentation and public speaking skills, an enthusiasm which was infectious and a never-say-die attitude. Don was full of ideas and he conceived and launched several sales & marketing initiatives that helped move our venture funded software company towards self sustaining mode. I will recommend him heartily!


John Maculley

Director of Product Lifecycle Management at Micron

When it comes to operationalizing business strategy, Don is one of the sharpest minds in the business. He has an ability to see the end from the beginning and then map the most efficient and effective path to get there. If you are looking to add a strategic adviser to your executive leadership team, I highly recommend Don Dalrymple.


Keith Kahn

Sales and Marketing Netclips Media

Don Is a great coach and business advisor!

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