The Doer, The Delegator and the Dealmaker

That saying, “What got you here, won’t get you there,” is completely true. As you grow your business or mature as a business person, you might have started with one skill set, but that is not the same skill required as you grow or go after bigger opportunities. You will always hit a ceiling growingContinue reading “The Doer, The Delegator and the Dealmaker”

How to Reuse Content to Sell and Help

To date, I have over 1,600 articles on my site, It has been a place I use to clarify my thoughts, help people and keep a repository of content that is evergreen and reusable. I wanted to share a bit of process that helps in both selling as well as business development that youContinue reading “How to Reuse Content to Sell and Help”

How to Negotiate a Deal by Framing

What’s in your head may not be what’s in another person’s head. In fact, it’s highly likely you are misaligned. When someone asks you for something that can violate your view of reality, then framing the perception is important. Perhaps an employee comes to you as an owner and says they are worth double theirContinue reading “How to Negotiate a Deal by Framing”

How to be World-Class in Your Project Kickoff Meeting

When making the sale on your professional services, there can be a let down from pushing so hard to get a proposal signed. I can understand the emotion that comes with getting a deal done. However, moving from the sale to fulfilling what you sold is an important transition. The sale is really the startContinue reading “How to be World-Class in Your Project Kickoff Meeting”

Why Executives Need Freedom of Time First

We want to grow our revenues, however, we focus on working harder, grinding out our continuous task list and pushing to the max. I believe money making and entrepreneurship is tied towards having clear vision. Knowing what needs to get done and aligning ourselves towards the right thing to do is not a given. YouContinue reading “Why Executives Need Freedom of Time First”

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