Entrepreneurship by Thinking, Writing and Speaking

Technology has made the world faster and more complicated. I still think the three mega-skills Mark Ford wrote about a decade ago, thinking, speaking and writing well are critical for entrepreneurship. They open doors to opportunity and money-making by moving the technology and resources available to us today into a form of clarity and money-making.Continue reading “Entrepreneurship by Thinking, Writing and Speaking”

A Healthy Identity and Positive Habits

Forget the New Year’s resolutions which have a 92% failure rate. It’s an unnatural approach, as a human, to talk about the things you are going to do. My friend, Chad Brooks, shared this content about a more potent, focused approach built around your daily habits and your identity. It’s more human and set upContinue reading “A Healthy Identity and Positive Habits”

What Really Happens in Success

I just got out of a team meeting where our development team’s last quarter of hard work, under the surface, got to be displayed and communicated. The whole team was able to see what was happening in the background and the many hours of thinking, hard work and testing that produced new features ready forContinue reading “What Really Happens in Success”