don dalrympleInvesting in and advising startup founders and entrepreneurs is where I spend my time. Growing a business with the right talent, strategies, systems and go-to-market execution is hard, creative and rewarding work.

I like engaging business owners and executives with creative, simple solutions to the complex business issues they are working on. Whether the problem is fundraising, business development or operations and alignment, I work to bring solutions.

I have a Masters in Mechanical Engineering and enjoy solving both business problems as well as design and analysis problems. Overcoming challenges is inherent to business, and I have harnessed this skill to work on all kinds of engineering, sales, marketing, operational and business development problems. I am a problem solver and if you have a small business or startup idea you are seeking to grow, I would enjoy a conversation.

Feel free to connect with me and let me know what you are pursuing, and I will likely have some ideas and strategies to help you get to higher levels of success.

I will be posting here on this blog a couple times a week. Feel free to drop in, comment and use the advice to help you in your business and life pursuits. Thanks!