Showing Up and Not Breaking the Chain

I was encouraged by Anne Handley’s recent newsletter and her reasoning to dismiss the idea of being inspired before you write: 2. ‘Write only when you have something to say’ doesn’t work. The problem with that approach is that you will find excuses to not write. It’s an out. An alibi. You will decide that whatever youContinue reading “Showing Up and Not Breaking the Chain”

Can You Get 10 Hours a Week Back?

If your weeks are passing by and you are not moving the needle on the big things, then it may be well worthwhile to reevaluate your work strategy. Effective people convert their time to high output returns on the things that truly matter; ineffective people fritter away their time across questionable payoff activities. If youContinue reading “Can You Get 10 Hours a Week Back?”

Direct Clear Advice

I love Neville Medhora’s tips. It means being reflective, strategic and sensical. It’s valid for wherever you are at. Sometimes, we can fool ourselves or walk around in a fog. The 9 pieces of advice are pithy and his explanations are compelling: Do lots of “experiments.” You’re gonna die. Plan life backwards. Start a blog.Continue reading “Direct Clear Advice”

Minimize Switching Costs Between Systems

The presentation from Google’s team on interface, flow and usability in their G Suite products has a helpful comment, “A company is the sum of its processes.” The 12 minute mark of the presentation is helpful to understand the cost of context switching. This happens each time we have to move from one software, appContinue reading “Minimize Switching Costs Between Systems”


We are so far down the road of technology we often forget how expensive, hard and bug-laden custom software projects used to be. We could hire a developer, and without truly being accurate on our requirements, they would code and miss the mark repeatedly. Regardless, their billable time reflected our errors in thinking and clarity.Continue reading “Integrations”