I understand that having an engaging and memorable speaker for your event or team gathering contributes greatly to the success of your event.  I wanted to make it easy for you to connect, get to know me and discover how I might be able to serve your audience.

About Me

I lead a consulting company which designs and implements business systems for being successful today.  Much of the front line work we are involved in supports the speaking content which I deliver to audiences to help motivate and inform about doing business in the new economy.

You can find out more about me on the About Page.

What You Can Expect

If you are interested in exploring a way to provide a speech or workshop for your event, my team and I will engage in a process with you to help clarify expectations and deliver a world-class event.

Here are some parts to our process:

  • A web conference call to define the requirements of your event
  • Collaboration on the topic and content to be delivered
  • Promotion of your event on my blog and social media
  • Help with promotion of your event with marketing strategy
  • Event feedback and testimonials
  • A special resource page for your audience with reference information, slides and actionable steps.

Topics I Speak About

I speak on topics related to leadership, productivity, marketing, and entrepreneurship.  I will customize a presentation based on your goals for success as part of our work together.

I deliver speeches in a keynote speech or workshops that can be half-day or full-day seminars.  Some topics which I speak about are:
new markets, innovation, change managementThe New Economy:  The nature of work and how we get things done has completely changed.  Understanding how to position ourselves for the information age means change and transformation.  We can only go forward, not backwards.  I share how.


Platforms And Positioning:  All the tools exist for great success.  However, putting the strategy and systems together for winning business and building a brand requires both art and science.  I share how branding is done today and what must be done with content systems and social media to stand out.


Cloud computing mobile devicesCloud Computing:  The internet is the computer.  Businesses can be built with more ease and less cost than in times past.  I share how to build and grow your business with cloud computing systems.  The strategies for integrating systems and using an iterative approach to change management make cloud computing a strategic business enabler.


Business WomanManaging Talent:  Talent is wherever you find it today.  However, people have strengths and weaknesses that need to be measured and fit for the right jobs in the new economy.  I share how I work with organizations to identify talent and use strengths testing to help put the right people in the right jobs for success.


Build Something BookBuild Something!  It is easier than ever to build something.  I share about how to build a new business to change the world and create revenue opportunities.  I discuss the approach, systems and strategies needed to build a business cost-effectively, with speed.  This allows entrepreneurs to have concrete steps to take action and build something.


Business ProcessAgile Project Management:  Your customers, team members and vendors work with lots of information and challenges.  Speed is critical. Effectively leading your team to the goal requires systems which allow for change and influence to happen in real-time.  I share how to drive collaboration and results in project management today.


ZeroInbox:  We are all hit with more work than we can handle.  Our ability to make decisions, take action and lead ourselves differentiate us from our competition.  I walk through how a team and knowledge workers can increase productivity and keep their minds clear from all the chaos.


Personas:  We are in a connected world, and this means managing our branding and personas with social media and content marketing.  I walk through how to build personal branding which works to build your tribe and deliver value.  Platforms and systems need special attention in this endeavor.


Bought Not SoldBought Not Sold:  Noone wants to be sold.  I share how to build inbound marketing systems that promote buying and automate the buying process.  The old ways of selling have given way to new approaches using marketing automation and inbound marketing strategies.

The Next Step

Thanks again for your consideration of me as a speaker for your event. Explore what it means to have a successful event with me as your speaker.  I look forward to working together.

It is simple to get started.  We can explore speaking with your group by filling out the form below where you can provide information about your event and goals.

I will review your request and respond quickly.

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