Since There Are No Guarantees

I can totally understand that hunger and striving for ultimate security. It's a scary feeling to feel like the ground under you is not stable. When you lie awake at night, you might wonder if you really are secure in your job or with your business. And it's an accurate feeling. But that anxious thinking does not have to paralyze you. It can be a … [Read More...]

Starting Imperfect

Anyone that knows me sees that I move to action quickly. I value action immensely compared to talking because you can squash any intellectualism that is wasteful and see what actually works in reality. But the hard part of this approach is that you have to be comfortable with starting with an imperfect approach. While most people agree with the … [Read More...]

What Matters When It Comes to Making Money

I have written about how you have to think clearly about what kind of business you want - popularity or substance - when it comes to revenue. If you are not clear on what you are after, then you get a random hodge podge of results in building your business. I also realize that most people are: ... not patient ... not strategic ... thinking … [Read More...]

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