When What Used To Work Doesn’t Anymore

From a business perspective, I like that big, fat, juicy cash cow like any other businessperson capitalizing on a market. That can happen when there's a level of asymmetry between buyers and sellers. That imbalance can come from a lack of competition, a gap in knowledge or lowered barriers to entry in a market you have enjoyed for a long … [Read More...]

The Hassle for Money Dilemma

The hard part of dealing with reality is the constant trade-offs we have to make. Yes, we want it all, but too often that is not the choice before us. Choosing one thing means giving up something else, whether that is opportunity, time or attention. When we are faced with deals┬áthat come before us, we have the dilemma to consider between hassle … [Read More...]

The Gravity of Comfort Zones

I do often like to tell those people that are different than the mass majority, those restless souls who have the entrepreneurial bug, "Do something that scares you." It's the antidote to their continual desire to achieve more and increase. Most people don't like or desire doing such things. They want to stay in their comfort zones. The … [Read More...]

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