The Net Net of Your Life

When we are always in motion, it's hard to take inventory of where we are at. The net net of our lives comes from all the decisions we have made that either cause lift or drag. And what we attach ourselves to does one or the other. Some thoughts to consider in auditing your own net net sum: Lift Traders: How many do you have in your life? If … [Read More...]

The Two Must Have Assets for Deal Making

Do you expect problems to never be around? Or do you expect problems to always be around? Those are two different realities and two completely polar mindsets. You cannot escape problems. Think about all the variables you are not in complete control of: The economy Your genetics Your family World events Death Other … [Read More...]

Building Mobile Workforce Strategies

Keyboards are faster than thumbs (assuming you can type). And collaboration is easier with a team, customers and vendors if you can push out information with a keyboard. But business is human, at least for now. We are still out there selling to new prospects and servicing existing accounts. And that computer in our pocket works on the speed of … [Read More...]

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