Follow-up Is Leadership

I appreciate great follow-up from a pro. It tells me that someone is thinking about and prioritizing something that they believe is important not only to themselves but also to me. It takes a load of thinking off my already crowded and busy mind. We are all in the same boat. Noone is special because they have a lot on their plate. Everyone is … [Read More...]

On Essentialism

  One of the most impactful reads I have had in the last few months is Greg McKeown's¬†Essentialism. It is both timely and relevant for the majority of modern people. We live in a day and age where we have too much, not too little. Too many choices of opportunities Garages that are filled to the brim Limitless storage both virtual and … [Read More...]

Building Smaller

Do massive armies matter today compared to more targeted technology? Are big companies like GE or GM getting bigger or smaller? Why? Automation has made things easier. We needed the headcount because it took a lot of heads and hands to move information inefficiently from one workstation/desk to another. It also gave managers and owners … [Read More...]

For the Individual

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