Do you feel secure with plans? Do you feel sophisticated investing in complex financial instruments? Do you expect next year to be like last year? Old mindsets may have worked for old realities. When change was slow and the next month was predictable, then laying out the path had a payoff. But what do you observe about today's reality? … [Read More...]

Give Your Best To Traders

Everyone is not worth giving to or doing business with. I know this statement is not PC, a feel good or easy to hear. But I would submit there is a lot of falsity to the statements from authors and pundits that want you to spread your seeds of goodwill far and wide. They do not necessarily live with the high cost of such naiveté. They get to … [Read More...]

You Have To Expand This To Get a Deal

It's hard, if not impossible, to do a great deal with someone who lacks vision. It's a tragedy that opportunities are missed because there's a lack of vision. There are so many possibilities that can happen with those you engage with daily. But it takes intentionality and vision. The reality is that two total strangers, if they were earnest … [Read More...]

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