A Key To Deal Making

It’s amazing how many people miss opportunities when there are always plenty sitting on the table between people. Deal making is something that deal makers practice intuitively many times. I love the art of the deal and bringing clarity to an otherwise ambiguous or unnoticed way to benefit different parties.

Here’s a key to deal making that I use that opens up the conversation:

“What if …”

It’s three simple words that can open up dialogue and exploration. Completing the thought within various contexts could be simple as:

  • What if we were able to go to market with a new product together?
  • What if I could show you a strategy to reduce costs?
  • What if we worked on something that would fit your budget?
  • “What if” opens up possibilities and thinking. Collaborating with and including the people you want to make a deal with makes it a shared venture that vests everyone emotionally as well.

    While most people have blinders on and cannot see the myriad possibilities of doing business together, open up the conversation. Keep asking the questions to invite energy and insight into what could be.

    How could you use this today?

    Published by Don Dalrymple

    I grow businesses through partnerships and executive coaching. I work with partners and clients on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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