Why Craftsmanship Endures in A World of Cutting Corners

Craftsmanship and detail
It takes thought, care and time. But it creates a human connection.

When I buy something of quality, I tend to keep it for a long time and take care of it. It’s part of how I was raised and how I instruct my own kids. Part of it is to preserve what we own. The other is a respect for property, our own and others.

Of course, this applies more to select things. The bulk of things tend to be disposable and convenient. They don’t create any emotional connection nor a desire to polish, preserve or protect.

After you have all the junk from the big box stores, you might be like me. You experience fatigue and disinterest. You know there are millions of things made just like it and there’s not a lot of thought in the design or function.

However, I tend to still value and keep things that have forethought and heart injected into it. The craftsmanship of a well-designed french press or the ease and pleasantness of a software tool motivate me to savor the experience.

And such craftsmanship tends to stand out when there is an abundance of mediocrity.

When I know a person or company put a great deal of intention into what they are making, there is a connection when I use it. I don’t simply ignore or discard the product, brand or service. I engage and go deeper.

A lot of times, I want to know the back story to complete the experience and story in my own mind. This goes for virtual experiences such as software and movies as well as physical products.

I can still remember reading all the content a band put out in its CD jewel case. It helped me further experience their craftsmanship and attempt to connect with me as a fan.

Yes, we can put out a bunch of junk or copy what we see others doing. But finding that place where we can attempt to connect and give a gift to someone because we are giving of ourself in what we deliver is art that still endures. The great thing is that we can do this in how we service, sell or fabricate.

It endures because there is meaning, delight and excellence. All that in something we hold or experience. Why waste our time creating anything less?

Published by Don Dalrymple

I partner with founders and entrepreneurs in startup businesses. I write and consult on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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