Creating Vision With Mindjet

One of the most powerful aspects of mind mapping with Mindjet is the ability to see your thoughts. This helps, especially, with visual capturing and relationships between nodes of thought. If you are leading others or your own life, vision is the cornerstone from which we rally our energy. It is the thought of whatContinue reading “Creating Vision With Mindjet”

Mindjet Sharing And Collaboration

Mindjet is both a creation tool and a collaboration environment, especially within Mindjet Connect, the online version for mind mapping. I like to use mind maps to facilitate meetings and brainstorm. It helps to refine ideas and keeps everything visual. For a group, the interrelationships between ideas are clearly captured in real-time. We can allContinue reading “Mindjet Sharing And Collaboration”

Mindjet: Mindmapping Brainstorming Strategies

Mind mapping lends itself to brainstorming intrinsically. The free form nature with dynamic organization of our thoughts makes our thinking come alive. This is especially helpful in our world of distractions. Mindjet helps to focus what we are thinking through and helps us to get granular. Here are some strategies that I have used toContinue reading “Mindjet: Mindmapping Brainstorming Strategies”

How To Have Mindjet Speed

Imagine having speed of thought and clear execution from your team. What if you could ensure you drive ambiguity from your presence? Using mindmapping and reacting to the speed of thought, collaboration and dialogue can make these hopes a possibility. Mindjet speed relates to a few factors that can make a large impact in yourContinue reading “How To Have Mindjet Speed”

How To Use Mindjet Connect For Task Management

I have been a user of Mindjet’s products since 2003. I used mindmapping for group collaboration and getting the thoughts in people’s heads on one page. The clarity my clients experience from the collaboration gets us on the same page on what needs to be done. One of the things that an effective mindmap canContinue reading “How To Use Mindjet Connect For Task Management”

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