About Don and Pulse

Thank you for reading some of my articles at Pulse. I hope they have helped you think through specific business strategies to help you grow and manage your cash.

Cash is the life blood of a startup or any small business for that matter. Using a system like Pulse to keep your eye on your cash position at any time leads to informed decisions. I have seen it work and bring peace of mind to business owners that need the clarity of how money is moving in and out of their business.

About Don

I help entrepreneurs and business owners build their systems that will help them become more efficient. Whether it is a sales system to drive a pipeline of business or customer service systems to help them deliver their offerings, I work through the strategy for how things will work in a business and get it implemented.

I have spent decades building systems and processes that help make doing business easier. I like creating simple solutions from the complexity that often faces an owner. It likely comes from my background in engineering and the instinct to solve problems. I just happen to enjoy business problems and using systems to make life easier and more profitable.

My clients can be found around the world and I work with them using my own systems and sometimes fly out to meet with them depending on the projects we work on together.

You can find out more about me by following my articles here on my site. I post about 3-5 times a week and you can subscribe to my weekly newsletter here. I share strategies for becoming more productive and growing your business.

Some Strategies

Feel free to read other content that will help you specifically grow your business. Here are some popular posts:

Owners and Cash Flow to help you think about managing cash flow with Pulse

The Strategy of Being Open to help you manage time and opportunities

How to Grow a Sales Engine to help you think about driving revenue

Build Systems Not Overhead to help you think about building an employe-less business with low overhead

You can also search for content in the sidebar of articles if you want to dig deeper in the thousands of articles on the site.

And you can also read some Pulse articles:

Why Your Startup Needs Pulse for Cash Management

Of course, if you have a question feel free to click here to contact me.

Your Success

I often tell my business clients that it is important to have control before you get perspective. Pulse is a powerful tool that will help you manage by facts rather than feelings.

It takes diligence and focus, but the alternative is that state of not knowing or not having control. It can create a great deal of stress and mistakes in business happen from misinformation too often.

Thanks for dropping by. I hope your own goals become clearer and more attainable with your continued use of Pulse.

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