9/11 And Our Stories

Slides from Steve Rosenbaum’s TED talk on 9/11 memorial documentary.

There is immense work that a team of people are undertaking at Ground Zero to tell the story and help the world remember 9/11. Steve Rosenbaum shares some of the images and his work on the documentary of how the process of creating the appropriate memorial is coming together with the 9/11 museum. The TED talk,  A hunger to understand the stories of 9/11: Steve Rosenbaum reflects, is worth watching to see the work going on and understand that there is a thread emanating from that horrible day which eventually leads to brighter and somber days.

Museums Tell Stories

I liked the comment captured that “Museums tell stories.” Curators use physical artifacts carefully selected to help us connect to something historical. They help us to look at ourselves as well. The artifacts – clothing, firetrucks, steel beams – tell us what happened in a tangible way. They help to create emotion and connect us with the story.

The world changed that day and the ripple effect touched relatives, businesses and nations. It was no longer business as usual. The story changed for the world. It has been less innocent. There has been more lean days and less room for margin in our businesses. 9/11 was an epicenter which tipped over the fragile, marginless parts of our world.

Our Stories

If we don’t remember our stories, then the meaning can be stripped out of the work we do and the lives we live. This can be the case too often in a world where the next deadline or demand consumes us.

However, it’s a lot easier today than ever to curate our work and share it with the world. Then we can connect it to an audience that wants to understand your story. If they can see themselves in your story, then possibilities start to happen.

Today is a day of remembrance and hope. I hope you will connect with the story we all need to tune into and then ensure your own makes a dent in the universe.

What do you remember that day?

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2 thoughts on “9/11 And Our Stories

  1. Hey Don!

    Thanks for the excellent post and the reminder to continue to “curate my experience” and tell my story, no matter what the demands on my time may be.

    I wanted to make sure you and Sonya knew about the Showcase Concert this Friday that represents the epic culmination of 10 Bands/40 Days. I’ve attached the poster I commissioned as well as the latest press release.

    Really hope you can make it!


    1. Matthew, glad that you are working hard on your story at SongSeeds. Thanks for letting me know about the culmination of your most recent project. I will see if we can make it if we don’t have a prior commitment. Thank you.

      – Don

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