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Ever spent a lot of time and money in systems you thought were going to help you become more successful only to be disappointed? That CRM tool you thought was going to help you make more sales has only become an albatross around your neck that you avoid. The accounting system which becomes laborious rather than helpful is something you steer clear of each week.

The tragic part is missing the point altogether and looking for the next shiny tool to deliver salvation. You may have an overly complicated tool, but ultimately, how you use the business systems you have will be the determinant of your success. Look over your tools and assess them as follows:

  • Are they helpful? If they are no longer being used or attractive as they once were, then make the hard decision. You may feel emotionally vested, but move on to something else that will be useful. If you are going to have tools, they should have a high utility rate. This goes for your cloud computing software, iPhone or Android Apps and any desktop applications.
  • Do you enjoy using it? There are plenty of elegant tools today that were not built around a programmer or IT view of the world. I dislike software which is merely a skin over some antiquated database. There needs to be a flow and elegance. Emotional connection helps with usability. I find that I am more motivated with systems that are elegant in their design. Attractiveness does matter in the daily grind.
  • Is there a measurable return? If you are merely putting in data without getting real value in terms of revenue, decision-making or relationships, then consider discarding your tool. Clear the decks. Use things that help you get further. Anything that sits around takes up mind space and compromises focus. This can go for your social media choices as well as your choice of business systems.

I find that a lot of the hindrances to business success is the noise of choices. Just because you can access any software you want easily doesn’t mean it has a place in your business. Take a quick audit and get rid of what is no longer working. Move to things that are simpler, easier and delightful. You will be surprised how much more attractive getting things done becomes.

Published by Don Dalrymple

I partner with founders and entrepreneurs in startup businesses. I write and consult on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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