The Death Of Mass Marketing


The days of mass business are continuing to erode under the weight of the connected economy. Mass media is being replaced by selectable and individual media. Mass products are now custom and on-demand. Mass marketing is continually being blacklisted and labeled as spam.

This is because we have choice and access as consumers. We can tune out the noise and our systems are getting smarter. Google’s algorithm changes are continually being refined to punish those that keep using shortcuts with SEO gimmicks and reward companies that have truly valuable content. Observe your search results and today, the results are much different than even a year ago. The web spam pages which were tuned for machines are not showing up. Human readable, rich content is showing up. Authorship and content are being rewarded.

One person’s search results are not necessarily the same as another for the same keywords. There is a different set of results based on numerous factors including preferences, location, search behaviors, etc. Search is increasingly customized and personalized.

So, what is the strategy for connecting? If you have the industrial mindset of pushing out as much as possible and find ways to work the system, there are forces working against you. The platforms for search and social media are smart systems that are continually being refined.

In our connected economy, the goal is not to look for clicks as it is to be meaningful to someone that cares and benefits from what you have to say. The noise you might get from posting a bunch of Adwords or blasting a purchased list with email can hurt you in the long run. If people even click or respond, it is a short-lived thrill. The game is continually changing and favoring those that focus on value for the individual. Mass marketing cannot accomplish this because there is a lack of care and focus. It is for everyone therefore for noone.

As you think through strategies, think on the individual level. Think about building assets that are rewarded and will last for the next ten years for their richness of substance and depth. Each piece of content that you create becomes a building block and asset which establishes your authority and relevance online.

Instead of trying to game the system, follow the trend of the game. Targeted, rich content that connects and delivers value is being elevated. The gatekeepers have made their agendas clear.

What will you do to get on with it?

Published by Don Dalrymple

I partner with founders and entrepreneurs in startup businesses. I write and consult on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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