Bad Information Makes Good Valuable Content Stand Out

Working hard to make a connection and avoiding noise is where value lies today.

In the middle of a work week (or sometimes on weekends) millions of people are searching around for answers to the problems they are trying to solve. During the middle of my work day, I may get distracted once in a while by some social media or irrelevant site, but largely, I am researching and looking for content that helps me either get work done, build a new system or buy a new product.

When I look around, one thing that is for sure is the amount of bad information online. The internet is beautiful in that content is easily published and accessible, however, it is also irritating in the amount of sifting and navigating one has to do to get to the good content.

Google has done a remarkable job with their algorithm changes recently. I notice there is a lot less noise than there used to be. Those keyword packing sites that were gaming the system with gimmicks don’t show up like they used to. My first ten search results tend to be pretty clean.

I am also seeing Google authorship show more on my results and having a human association with content helps me to believe that the author is credible. I like that the anonymity of authorship is being removed. I get to see if there is a content factory simply pushing out meaningless garble or someone with a real opinion.

There is a bright side to the bad information that pops up. I savor the good content I do run into. It becomes even more valuable. I trust the site or author even more and want to find out more to connect. I know they are doing the hard work of putting credible information out there to help people and I want to reciprocate with my attention, praise and possibly doing business together.

A Body of Work

Once I tune into someone that puts out great content, I try to stay connected. Their body of work becomes part of what I give attention to and I trust what they say. They become an authority in my life and have some mindshare.

This kind of attention and authority will only come from something substantive. A gimmick may have gotten me to click, but that did nothing to cause me to want more or stay engaged. It’s like being at a cocktail party and ignoring the chatterer that talks a lot but does not say anything meaningful. I gravitate towards the interesting and substantive people that can help me.

Good valuable content rises above the noise. It’s hard work, but you can build an audience slowly and with depth of relationship.

That’s what the internet has been about regardless of all the innovations around media. It’s still about people relating to other people. We are social beings and media only makes it easier. Content helps our minds connect and brings a level of psychological and emotional loyalty if it’s good and truly helps.

So, here’s the commitment we work on for our clients and encourage anyone that we talk with to do likewise. We focus on amazing content that will outlast all the gimmicks. We want every article, every white paper and every tutorial to have timeless and helpful information that gets people to love it. If you can do this, then you build relationships one at a time with the people that will matter. They are the ones that give you their attention and found what they were looking for by staying engaged.

Your job is to continue to be helpful and have something real to say from your experiences, knowledge and expertise.

So, what is it you are not telling the world? Is your content more noise or organized and published in a way for people to find and get helped?

Published by Don Dalrymple

I grow businesses through partnerships and executive coaching. I work with partners and clients on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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