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rebuilding broken relationship
If a chain is broken in your relationship, build new stronger ones.

Life is short indeed. I just had a birthday and have been thinking about the people I have come to know over the years. It’s been a mixed bag. There’s been some heartaches and there have been some very special relationships.

I have found that rolling the dice on people has risk, but I think it’s worth it. We are all traveling this journey of life trying to discover ourselves. I can think of all the knowledge and wisdom that has reshaped me for even the last ten years. There’s been a lot and I am grateful for the lessons.

One of the things I have learned and recently discussed with a friend is how messy business and relationships can become. It’s hard to bat perfectly. There are too many decisions and variables along our paths and it is insane to think that we are always a mishap away from losing an otherwise great friendship. That’s a lousy perspective.

The reality I have come to learn is that in the messiness, you can rebuild. Time can do a lot to heal wounds and provide perspective. I have learned to look at things with less emotion and more objectivity when I can be patient with people and be apart from situations. I have seen the same happen for others as well.

I think the nature of relationships and business is that the more risk you take together, the greater the risk relationally.

The great thing is that with mature friends and partners, there can be strength in a renewal.

There is more respect for the other and wisdom from past experiences on second, third or however many go arounds that will happen.

Business is a messy ordeal. There are many different angles and forces acting on our psyches. Trying to be profitable, bring value, win hearts and minds, satisfy employees and do the right thing continually shifts and under pressure, something can give.

I am not sure about the secret to having great relationships in business. I do believe good agreements lead to good relationships. However, when the messiness happens, I am learning that having patience and realizing that we are all human helps a lot. It’s the longer view of a relationship.

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3 thoughts on “Business and Relationships

  1. I have to agree that agreements do help out a bit. Also reminding the other parties about the agreement can also help when people deviate from it.

    1. In services, the expectations are always moving. It’s a dance, a dynamic relationship. I agree that revisiting agreements is good. A great book on the dance is The Trusted Advisor by Maister, which goes more in depth. Thanks for the comment.

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