You Can’t Debate Actions

take action not words
It is empowering and fruitful to put your energy into the first tasks more than talking.

I do have dreams. Many of those I keep to myself. Some, I share to motivate myself to move towards them. I think sharing what you want to do is a powerful force that taps into a need for congruence. We don’t like to make liars of ourselves.

However, I prefer to keep most of my thoughts, goals and dreams to myself and take actionable steps towards them. Then, when things have been done, there is no debate or questioning. It’s been proven.

When we talk ideas, people have permission to debate the merits or the feasibility of doing something. That takes a lot of wasted energy that can be used for actions instead. Think about it. You could talk with someone for a half hour about an idea you have not even started just to get buy in or put that half hour to work moving the dream to reality. I prefer the latter.

Once you have put things in play, then who can debate you?

I have done this with building companies, winning new clients, taking off for wild adventures and a whole lot of other things I have wanted to do.

It’s fun to see the astonishment of otherwise naysayers to see proof. They did not have the opportunity to say it could not be done. It is done. There is no debate.

I guess it’s a form of efficiency for me. Time can be wasted debating or getting validation. Or it can be used for constructive actions. There’s always the hard work of starting something. The emotion and inertia to overcome the initial stages can keep us talking about something rather than moving towards what we want.

I’m sure you have a lot of dreams of  your own. Try silently moving towards action, at least the first step. Then do the next step. Keep it a hidden infatuation for yourself.

Then when your idea is real, share it with the world. I think you will find greater satisfaction, and you will not have been made a liar in the process.

What can you act on?

Published by Don Dalrymple

I partner with founders and entrepreneurs in startup businesses. I write and consult on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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