Book Review: Frans Johansson’s The Click Moment

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There is a way to succeed in the midst of the reality of randomness

There is a strange paradox that we have to live with: While there is much more control and technology that creates leverage for us, the effect increases randomness. And randomness makes it hard to find a straight pathway to success.

I agreed with and found the research and descriptions of reality that Frans Johansson documented in his book, The Click Moment, not only convincing about how chance and opportunity works, but also strategic for moving towards success.

His promise in the book,

“By the time we are done, you should have a new understanding of how to seize opportunity in an uncertain world.”

I think he does an apt job of delivering on this, especially if you can recognize how the success areas have happened in your own life.

I won’t give away the takeaway points. It’s good to digest the entire book and make it a mainstay of your own pursuits.

The strategy for a random and uncertain world is to play for the click moments. It’s a game of probabilities and increasing your opportunities.

If you do certain activities consistently, you give yourself a better chance than the person who is random in their own actions.

For me, it reinforced some of the things I have committed to do that have brought many click moments:

This is a powerful framework for dealing with the continuous change that the information age has unleashed. Click moments are continually around us and I think reading Johansson’s book and putting a few of his strategies into practice would serve you well to increasing your odds for special things to happen.

You can’t control it. But you can bend the favor of randomness your way.

If you do read it, I would love to hear your take and what you are going to do in your own business to create click moments.

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