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“The purpose of business is to create and keep a customer.” ~ Peter Drucker

The universal problem for businesses is to get customers and keep them. And knowing how to do this, especially in our inattentive world with abundant choices is extremely difficult.

Having an efficient sales funnel that is continuous and optimized requires an understanding of how your target customers behave, where to find them and what works to attract and engage them based on their buyer profiles.

You have likely tried many different sales strategies. If you have traffic, then the challenge is to understand the data and look at how to build a sales funnel that works continuously.

If you lack traffic, attention or regular sales conversations, then your priority is to drive the top of the funnel and create engagement with your brand and products.

Don provided great value in a number of ways. He thoroughly researched our company, compiled the findings, shared this information in a straightforward report, and made solid recommendations on how we could improve. He did this all in a professional, candid manner. You’ll enjoy working with Don.

–Brian Flannagan, Executive Sales Educator, Sales Trainer, Presentation Skills Coach


Today, we have the benefit of data from customer behaviors. Everything from their clicks, visits and views on your selling sites, landing pages and social platforms can be analyzed.

Connect with me to get a sales audit and business roadmap of where you are at and what you need to do to improve your sales pipeline.

We take the risk out. We provide a roadmap for you that will help you:

  • Gain insights into how your sales funnel is performing and why
  • Provide a path for what is required to increase sales
  • Know what is creating a positive ROI and what is a waste of your money
  • Understand how you compare competitively and where your gaps are
  • Examine and collaborate with analyst feedback on your data
  • Make fact-based decisions for your selling
  • Develop strategies that work for driving a continuous sales funnel

This is a fundamental starting point to increase sales. We work with you to help develop your insights and strategies for improving sales revenue. It’s low-cost and low-risk.

I so enjoyed working with Don and his team! They made the engagement very efficient for me as a CEO, were timely in their responses, calculated about the process and their recommendations are spot on. I look forward to digesting them further and figuring out how to incorporate them to drive our organization forward.

–Wendy Loloff Cooper, CEO at Generation Schools Network


My goal is to bring you immense value by analyzing, researching and providing insights for what it takes for you to drive revenue. It’s a great way to start a relationship, and I have had long-term relationships with clients that trust me because of my straight-forward, professional and strategic approach to their businesses.

Once you pay the low, initial fee for the business roadmap, we will start with a kick-off meeting to gather data and information to compile and analyze.

We get to work looking at your market, history, insights and data. There may be some clarifying questions we have in our analysis work via email and calls. It’s a wonderfully collaborative process where we are on your team and help to lead where the data tells us.

We deliver a business roadmap complete with our analysis and strategies that you can implement. We will have dialogue and educate you on the various roadmap pieces and how you might execute those, independently or via outsourcing.

Where it makes sense for us to help, we can discuss those options as well.

Don has a great approach to developing long-term (versus transactional) relationships. He freely provides valuable info at the onset in exploring different opportunities to work together. In our intro call, he was very helpful in enlightening me about the marketing automation space, sharing key insights on the pros & cons of various software providers in the space. And he also is very personable, sharing some of his & his families personal experiences. In summary, he is an easy call to make or take to explore opportunities.

— Zerrick Bynum, Founder at ShopOff

Our goal is to help you understand what will drive your sales and be a trusted partner to you in advising and educating on what will work.

Again, it is immense value to help you grow revenue.

Contact me to get started. I look forward to working with you.

Don changed my life. He brought me a business road map for success when I hired him as my business coach over a year ago. A chronological plan with milestones and deliverables that needed to be completed to achieve the desired result, which was a business that was lean, profitable, efficient and free of drama. That’s the big picture benefit of working with Don. He will get you to the goal.

More importantly on a daily basis he was willing to roll up his sleeves and join the collaborative efforts with our team to solve problems, implement new systems and get things done.

— JP Novak, Owner of 512 Solar


Don is one of those people who not only professionally but also personally motivates you. I have had the opportunity to work with Don as a Sales Coach at InDev Capital in our company in the last 3 or 4 years. He has been instrumental in improving our investment banking business’ relationship with our investors.

Don is not only smart, but a person full of courage and passion for adventure . A good coach preaches with his own example more than speaking and Don exemplified that every day.

Don is incredibly good at what he does, a great visionary in sales strategies and technical communication systems. He will inspire you!

— Beatriz del C. Martinez Gonzalez, Co-Founder and Partner at InDev Capital

I’ve worked with Don on various projects over the past 6 years, and in that timeline he has shared his seemingly infinite wisdom with me personally and with members of our organization that has enabled us to grow. Don has an innate ability to turn ideas into actions and to help others do the same.

Most recently, we brought him in to an executive level role within our business transformation process. Don is easily the most gifted individual I’ve ever met pertaining to talent evaluation, business systems and process creation and refinement. As such, Don continues to play a pivotal role within our organizations to this day and the value he brings is immeasurable.

— Chad Brooks, Marketing and Strategy Consultant

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