Consulting: Legal Process For Prevost And Shaff Attorneys

prevostandshaffPrevost and Shaff is a law firm which decided to automate the way they managed legal cases.  We partnered with them to customize for Matter Management for increased productivity and collaboration.  They were able to move into the cloud and keep accountability between their staff and three locations.

Furthermore, they work with other attorneys, courthouses, clients and documents related to cases.  This is all managed from their central customized system which our consulting team implemented.  I caught up with Sonya Clements on their team recently to get an update.  Here are some notes from our chat.

Salesforce Success Interview With Sonya Clement:

Don D. How is Prevost And Shaff using today?
Sonya C. We are using it to schedule tasks on each person that are due in the future. We are also logging each conversation with the client or with the opposing counsels so that everyone has access to the status of the case.
Don D. Before, how did this kind of workflow get done?
Sonya C. It would usually get done by the files on our desk with notes on top. We would see the due date on the calendar. You would have to pull the file physically to give a status on a case.
Don D. It sounds like is now the case record, a virtual file folder.  Is this true?
Sonya C. That is correct. Anyone in the office can open a file and see what has been done on it without having to either ask the person or pull the file.
Don D. When we helped your team customize for your requirements, what was the result for your team and the experience?
Sonya C. I believe that we are better organized now with The experience was great. You were always there when we had questions or needed help.
Don D. Are there some specific features that have been personally helpful?
Sonya C. The email templates are especially helpful because they cut down on a lot of time. Before we would have to go in and type the complete information. Now that we have templates set up, when just have to go in and change a couple of words and then send it out.
Don D. So the custom email templates have changed the customer experience? Has this customization made an impact on customers? What kinds of feedback have you heard?
Sonya C. With the ability to send information out quickly, the customers are enjoying getting more frequent updates on their cases.
Don D. If someone was considering working with me for consulting, what would you say?
Sonya C. I would tell them to do it for sure. It will help organize their files and make it a lot easier for them to manage their clients.
Don D. Thanks for the kind words. Any last comments?
Sonya C. I would just tell everyone that it is definitely worth every cent. It has made our lives alot easier and less cluttered.

Sonya Clements works on the Prevost And Shaff legal team on family law, bankruptcy, personal injury, credit card defense and automobile finance fraud cases.  She has had 15 years in the industry and helps to execute a customized service process for her law firm.

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