Getting Salesforce Tasks Done Consistently

Salesforce is supposed to keep everyone on the same page, service your customers with higher quality and win more business. At least that is the dream. However, the software and success are two different things altogether. At the end of the day, CRM is largely a human system. It helps to coordinate information between peopleContinue reading “Getting Salesforce Tasks Done Consistently”

The Sloppy Salesforce System To Avoid

You may have experienced the thrill of seeing how could be customized without software development. Realizing that you could set up fields within customer records and add sales information that was important for managing and closing deals was exciting. There was a large amount of information that could be gathered by your team toContinue reading “The Sloppy Salesforce System To Avoid”

Why Salesforce Is Not For Dummies

When something doesn’t work, it is easy to blame the software. We see it all the time. is a system which is highly customizable and can power an entire business, with limitations of course. However, it depends on talented people that can navigate the system, execute process and think. To elaborate: Navigate the system. IfContinue reading “Why Salesforce Is Not For Dummies”

Salesforce Doesn’t Have To Start Perfect is capable of a great many things to automate and drive your business processes. The misconception is that you have to have your business in order and visualized completely before starting. Such thinking may have been true of custom built software that was expensive to change. However, the case is often true that yourContinue reading “Salesforce Doesn’t Have To Start Perfect”

3 Important Ingredients For Salesforce Adoption

My consulting work with teams continually reveals more challenge in the adoption of a well-designed system than in the actual customization of the system.  Aligning people who have become accustomed to their way of doing things with disparate tools or ad hoc methods requires a focus on the art of change management.  Here areContinue reading “3 Important Ingredients For Salesforce Adoption”

How We Integrate Google Apps With Salesforce

Google Apps and are two of the leading cloud computing software vendors in the world. We have partnered with both and customize these systems around the processes of specific businesses based on their requirements. As we advise our clients on technology, process and systems, we always want to keep in mind the questions aboutContinue reading “How We Integrate Google Apps With Salesforce”

Help, My People Are Not Using Salesforce can do many things. However, it cannot make people follow process or execute. It is fundamentally a database of information. It can be programmed to trigger logical actions and communications. But it still needs full engagement by your management and your sales team to work inside your business. If you are finding challenges inContinue reading “Help, My People Are Not Using Salesforce”

4 Salesforce Alignment Review Tips

As the year ends, it is a natural time to review how your mission-critical business systems are working to enable your typically runs crucial business processes for you and as your team is focused on end of year metrics such as closing business, driving leads or increasing customer loyalty, you can review your systemContinue reading “4 Salesforce Alignment Review Tips”

Salesforce Chatter For Real-Time Collaboration implemented and marketed Chatter as the world turned social. Modeled after the popular intranet app, Yammer, it has the advantage of being centered around your organization’s activities in Those activities provide a real-time stream of what is happening across your team with respective data records. It opens up the experience so you don’tContinue reading “Salesforce Chatter For Real-Time Collaboration”

Salesforce And Google Docs

Storing data files in a record makes it convenient for users to see relevant information related to Opportunities, Accounts, Cases or Contacts. This is also true for any custom data objects such as project records or job costing. Within the setup, there are integrations with Google Apps. File storage in has limits.Continue reading “Salesforce And Google Docs”

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