Five Email Tips To Use Now

I think people lament too much about email. The reality is that for many of us, email is our work. It’s easy. Everyone knows how to manage their own email without learning a new system. It’s how information moves to action. It’s not going away and my encouragement is that you embrace it and become goodContinue reading “Five Email Tips To Use Now”

Productivity Hack: Get Scheduling Commitments

It’s Friday and most of the world is checking out. These days, with the connected economy, it’s not much of a work day. But it’s a great ritual every week to line up your next week. So, here’s a little strategy you can use at the end of the week so you don’t simply launchContinue reading “Productivity Hack: Get Scheduling Commitments”

How To Set Up GotoMeeting Invitations In Google Calendar

For setting up your online meetings with anyone around the world, you can use GotoMeeting to save time for visiting or getting to meet someone initially. Here are the steps to use GotoMeeting with Google Apps: 1. Open GotoMeeting and Schedule A Meeting     2. Enter Meeting Details in the GotoMeeting Console   3.Continue reading “How To Set Up GotoMeeting Invitations In Google Calendar”

Simplifying Computers

I just got a hold of a cool, light Samsung Google Chromebook. The operating system is Google’s and the concept is centered around Google Apps without any focus on a desktop experience. It is cloud computing purely via an elegant terminal similar to an 11″ MacBook Air. I like the concept. It is light andContinue reading “Simplifying Computers”

Migrating Google Docs from One Google Apps Account to Another

If you have another Google Apps account under a different domain, then you may have migrated email from one Google Apps account to another. However, Google Docs poses another issue altogether. To move docs into a new instance of Google Apps, you have to do the following: Select all the documents you want to transfer,Continue reading “Migrating Google Docs from One Google Apps Account to Another”

Google Drive For Document Storage

We support many organizations on their Google Apps systems and provide strategy and consulting to drive productivity, collaboration and business processes. Our own team has been transitioning to Google Drive, Google’s newest addition to the Google Apps suite. It works a lot like Dropbox, however, there is advantage within the Google Apps suite. You canContinue reading “Google Drive For Document Storage”

3 Google Apps Gmail Shortcuts To Master

You can have a zeroinbox! Move fast! Many of our clients struggle to keep up. We want to share a quick productivity tip to help you move through your inbox quickly using Google Apps. If nothing else, take 5 minutes to improve the rest of your habits going forward for moving quickly through the dailyContinue reading “3 Google Apps Gmail Shortcuts To Master”

Migrating Google Apps Calendars Between Accounts

Google Apps has powerful calendar sharing and management capabilities. If you are trying to move a Google Calendar between one account and another, here are the steps required to make this possible: 1. Access the Google Calendar you are seeking to export.   This is a simple click on the respective calendar you want toContinue reading “Migrating Google Apps Calendars Between Accounts”

Location Is Irrelevant With A Cloud Organization

Some of the teams we implement cloud computing systems for work in one location. Many more are distributed and work all over the country and the world. With Google Apps, for example, a team can be in completely different locations and feel together in one environment. Their collaboration is in real-time and everyone can getContinue reading “Location Is Irrelevant With A Cloud Organization”

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