Lead with Your Calendar Invitations

  Peter Drucker said it best when it comes to the work we do today, “In knowledge work, the task is not given. It has to be determined.” We are in a world where there is a lot of information flying around. Sometimes, we are being social. Other times we are trying to get clear.Continue reading “Lead with Your Calendar Invitations”

3 Google Apps Gmail Shortcuts To Master

You can have a zeroinbox! Move fast! Many of our clients struggle to keep up. We want to share a quick productivity tip to help you move through your inbox quickly using Google Apps. If nothing else, take 5 minutes to improve the rest of your habits going forward for moving quickly through the dailyContinue reading “3 Google Apps Gmail Shortcuts To Master”

Using Google+ For Support

Google+ is continually being explored for its many use cases. One of the less commented opportunities is to serve your customers with support. Every new customer or prospect can be added to a new circle called “Clients,” “Customers,” or “Support.” You now have a specific area to share knowledge, best practices or anything you wishContinue reading “Using Google+ For Support”

How We Integrate Google Apps With Salesforce

Google Apps and Salesforce.com are two of the leading cloud computing software vendors in the world. We have partnered with both and customize these systems around the processes of specific businesses based on their requirements. As we advise our clients on technology, process and systems, we always want to keep in mind the questions aboutContinue reading “How We Integrate Google Apps With Salesforce”

4 Google Apps System Review Tips

A team working in Google Apps is comprised of a bunch of individuals. The advantage of Google Apps is that everyone is collaborating and executing within one system. However, over time, each user may not be using the system in the most efficient or ideal way for the highest levels of success. Knowledge work comesContinue reading “4 Google Apps System Review Tips”

Salesforce And Google Docs

Storing data files in a Salesforce.com record makes it convenient for users to see relevant information related to Opportunities, Accounts, Cases or Contacts. This is also true for any custom data objects such as project records or job costing. Within the Salesforce.com setup, there are integrations with Google Apps. File storage in Salesforce.com has limits.Continue reading “Salesforce And Google Docs”

Google Spreadsheets As A Management Scorecard

Managing the performance of your team or partners can be challenging if the debates are around qualitative information. Yet, we often base our judgments on subjective criteria such as likability or appearance. This leads to ambiguity around success. It can be difficult to get true metrics from a sophisticated database on sales performance, support responsivenessContinue reading “Google Spreadsheets As A Management Scorecard”

Google Sites Blogging With Announcements Page

Within Google Sites, you can create a type of page which is called Announcements.  This is a powerful tool for helping to align your internal team or a select external team.  It is secure, private and integrated into your organization. While public blogs can be accessible by everyone, a blog within your Google Site canContinue reading “Google Sites Blogging With Announcements Page”

Google Apps As Part Of Your Website

Google Apps is a powerful suite of web-based applications.  Unlike desktop applications, the documents are web pages.  Thus, they can become strategic in your way to market or service your customers via your organization’s website. Typically, your website is controlled in a centralized fashion.  This makes change and driving real-time connection difficult. However, you canContinue reading “Google Apps As Part Of Your Website”

Google Apps Productivity Trade-Offs

Google Apps has an immense impact on an organization’s ability to collaborate.  In our consulting work with clients, we see the impact of teams that are distributed and the ability for work to move quickly from concepts to action.  There is speed from the inherent search architecture as well as collaboration via Google Mail, Calendar,Continue reading “Google Apps Productivity Trade-Offs”

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