Salesforce And Google Docs

Storing data files in a record makes it convenient for users to see relevant information related to Opportunities, Accounts, Cases or Contacts. This is also true for any custom data objects such as project records or job costing. Within the setup, there are integrations with Google Apps. File storage in has limits.Continue reading “Salesforce And Google Docs”

3 Salesforce Documents Collaboration Tips Documents is an integral part of the overall system which your organization can use to align your team’s processes and execution.  Security and sharing are part of the Salesforce Documents object structure.  Making this part of how you get business should consider these strategies: Organize By Folders. As you store resources for various partsContinue reading “3 Salesforce Documents Collaboration Tips”

Using Salesforce Dashboards For Real-Time Execution dashboards offer the single point of intelligently running your business.  Your business should be run in real-time.  In the old days, we relied on someone who would compile information and provide a report, perhaps weekly.  If you run your business this way today, you are dealing with outdated and slow snapshots of information. RunningContinue reading “Using Salesforce Dashboards For Real-Time Execution”

Digital Body Language In Your Activities

Digital body language is a large part of activities which are not typically recorded in records.  Sales activities in need to include how your buyer interacts with content.  Within, your sales team ideally has visibility into the the activities of prospects in the pipeline.  Today, the larger part of your prospect’s activitiesContinue reading “Digital Body Language In Your Activities”

Data Relationships

Your ability to drive success in your adoption is directly related to how simple and cohesive your database has been set up.  This process is one which needs to be continually refined after the initial customization.  This is natural as usage invariably lends itself to greater clarity by your users. However, changing yourContinue reading “Data Relationships”