Salesforce Apps: Conga Composer Document Automation

Conga Composer integrated with opens up an entire opportunity for document automation and productivity increases.  It is one of our favorite AppExchange apps we use in our Salesforce consulting for its extensibility of field information across data objects in Much of the customization in is focused on inputting information.  Fields are created andContinue reading “Salesforce Apps: Conga Composer Document Automation”

3 Salesforce Documents Collaboration Tips Documents is an integral part of the overall system which your organization can use to align your team’s processes and execution.  Security and sharing are part of the Salesforce Documents object structure.  Making this part of how you get business should consider these strategies: Organize By Folders. As you store resources for various partsContinue reading “3 Salesforce Documents Collaboration Tips”

Salesforce Conga Merge For Document Automation

Document automation in is a powerful way to automate parts of your workflow.  If you are seeking to get a proposal out to a prospect or send a non-disclosure agreement, the terms, conditions and varying fields can merge with pre-designed documents in a library. Our Salesforce consultants continually refine organizational processes.  The tedium ofContinue reading “Salesforce Conga Merge For Document Automation”

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