A Productivity Strategy for Freedom and Agility

https://tctechcrunch2011.files.wordpress.com/2016/03/7034137715_ffb029557f_o.jpg?w=738 We have so much today that our grandparents could not even fathom. The resources we have access to and the new sharing economy make possessing items a liability. Techcrunch captured our reality well in its article, Life, by subscription. From my vantage point, it is all the reason to consider why it’s not so greatContinue reading “A Productivity Strategy for Freedom and Agility”

Being Creative Means You Ship

Shipping is hard. There’s a lot that gets in the way. However, it is becoming a glaring differentiator for businesses that succeed versus those that drown in persistent mediocrity. I think pressure really gets in the way for organizations that have a problem shipping. When it comes time to getting across the goal line, thereContinue reading “Being Creative Means You Ship”

How We Integrate Google Apps With Salesforce

Google Apps and Salesforce.com are two of the leading cloud computing software vendors in the world. We have partnered with both and customize these systems around the processes of specific businesses based on their requirements. As we advise our clients on technology, process and systems, we always want to keep in mind the questions aboutContinue reading “How We Integrate Google Apps With Salesforce”

Google Apps For Group Coordination

Organizations that want to solve the problem of communication and collaboration with team members in many locations would be well-served by the cloud architecture in Google Apps. There are some practical reasons for such a strategic choice in this platform. Here are a few: Easy setup. If you have new members being added, they can beContinue reading “Google Apps For Group Coordination”

Salesforce Chatter For Real-Time Collaboration

Salesforce.com implemented and marketed Chatter as the world turned social. Modeled after the popular intranet app, Yammer, it has the advantage of being centered around your organization’s activities in Salesforce.com. Those activities provide a real-time stream of what is happening across your team with respective data records. It opens up the experience so you don’tContinue reading “Salesforce Chatter For Real-Time Collaboration”

Google Apps And Business Process

Google Apps is a platform which is able to transform a business locked within a network or outdated business processes into a cloud business. Your organization gets the balance of accessibility and security: Accessibility: Users can work from anywhere and collaborate instantly with the rest of your team. Your documents, schedules, intranet as well as yourContinue reading “Google Apps And Business Process”

Salesforce And Google Docs

Storing data files in a Salesforce.com record makes it convenient for users to see relevant information related to Opportunities, Accounts, Cases or Contacts. This is also true for any custom data objects such as project records or job costing. Within the Salesforce.com setup, there are integrations with Google Apps. File storage in Salesforce.com has limits.Continue reading “Salesforce And Google Docs”

5 Productivity Tips I Do Daily

I have a lot of fun advising businesses and implementing systems for growing a business.  I have to do what I preach to make it valid and help organizations buy into a better reality.  There are some things I take for granted because they are habits.  They are habits I worked hard at, but asContinue reading “5 Productivity Tips I Do Daily”

How To Use Evernote For Research

If you are researching for a project, building a business or giving a speech, I cannot think of a better cloud computing software system than Evernote.  Evernote has grown in popularity for good reason.  It captures the essence of cloud computing: Access data from anywhere Input data from anywhere Use any connected device Quick accessContinue reading “How To Use Evernote For Research”

Growing Your Business With Google Apps

If you have more than one person and have customers, then growing your business with Google Apps is one of the most strategic systems you can use.  It is a cloud-based software system which allows you to interact with your team wherever they are in the world instantly.  Google Apps also allows you to provideContinue reading “Growing Your Business With Google Apps”

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