Being Creative Means You Ship

Shipping is hard. There’s a lot that gets in the way. However, it is becoming a glaring differentiator for businesses that succeed versus those that drown in persistent mediocrity. I think pressure really gets in the way for organizations that have a problem shipping. When it comes time to getting across the goal line, thereContinue reading “Being Creative Means You Ship”

Google Apps For Group Coordination

Organizations that want to solve the problem of communication and collaboration with team members in many locations would be well-served by the cloud architecture in Google Apps. There are some practical reasons for such a strategic choice in this platform. Here are a few: Easy setup. If you have new members being added, they can beContinue reading “Google Apps For Group Coordination”

Google Apps And Business Process

Google Apps is a platform which is able to transform a business locked within a network or outdated business processes into a cloud business. Your organization gets the balance of accessibility and security: Accessibility: Users can work from anywhere and collaborate instantly with the rest of your team. Your documents, schedules, intranet as well as yourContinue reading “Google Apps And Business Process”

Google Sites Blogging With Announcements Page

Within Google Sites, you can create a type of page which is called Announcements.  This is a powerful tool for helping to align your internal team or a select external team.  It is secure, private and integrated into your organization. While public blogs can be accessible by everyone, a blog within your Google Site canContinue reading “Google Sites Blogging With Announcements Page”

Google Sites For Analysis And Reporting

The beauty of Google Sites is that it is secure and collaborative.  That balance allows for opportunities to work and present your services in an experiential fashion with your customers. One of the areas where Google Sites can work to provide a personal and customized branded experience for your customers is with proposals and reporting.Continue reading “Google Sites For Analysis And Reporting”

Google Apps And Building A Virtual Organization

Google Apps allows you to grow an organization in the cloud.  Your team can work in a virtual manner apart from the IT headaches of traditional email, calendaring and document management systems.  This is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs and visionaries that understand how the new economy for talent works. In our Google Apps consulting,Continue reading “Google Apps And Building A Virtual Organization”

Google Sites For Customer Collaboration

Google Sites is a ready-made environment for an intranet to store your knowledge base.  Anyone on your team can collaborate with others in a secure area around files, process, content and numerous other internal pieces of information that helps your team get things done. There is also great opportunity to enhance your customer experience byContinue reading “Google Sites For Customer Collaboration”

Growing Your Business With Google Apps

If you have more than one person and have customers, then growing your business with Google Apps is one of the most strategic systems you can use.  It is a cloud-based software system which allows you to interact with your team wherever they are in the world instantly.  Google Apps also allows you to provideContinue reading “Growing Your Business With Google Apps”

Google Apps Productivity Trade-Offs

Google Apps has an immense impact on an organization’s ability to collaborate.  In our consulting work with clients, we see the impact of teams that are distributed and the ability for work to move quickly from concepts to action.  There is speed from the inherent search architecture as well as collaboration via Google Mail, Calendar,Continue reading “Google Apps Productivity Trade-Offs”

Are You In The Email Business?

Managing a server for your email puts you in the email business.  You have to update, maintain and support any and all issues.  If you have headcount dedicated to this most basic of business functions, then the overhead and cost you are absorbing for no better reason than comfort may need to be reevaluated. CloudContinue reading “Are You In The Email Business?”

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