Lead with Your Calendar Invitations

  Peter Drucker said it best when it comes to the work we do today, “In knowledge work, the task is not given. It has to be determined.” We are in a world where there is a lot of information flying around. Sometimes, we are being social. Other times we are trying to get clear.Continue reading “Lead with Your Calendar Invitations”

Google Apps And Building A Virtual Organization

Google Apps allows you to grow an organization in the cloud.  Your team can work in a virtual manner apart from the IT headaches of traditional email, calendaring and document management systems.  This is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs and visionaries that understand how the new economy for talent works. In our Google Apps consulting,Continue reading “Google Apps And Building A Virtual Organization”

4 Google Apps Contacts Tips

Google Apps Contacts helps you to organize the people in your life for doing business or building relationships.  Over time, it has evolved to become more useful while retaining the signature Google simplicity in appearance and experience. As you grow your use of Google Apps, here are some productivity and collaboration tips to help youContinue reading “4 Google Apps Contacts Tips”

Google Apps As Part Of Your Website

Google Apps is a powerful suite of web-based applications.  Unlike desktop applications, the documents are web pages.  Thus, they can become strategic in your way to market or service your customers via your organization’s website. Typically, your website is controlled in a centralized fashion.  This makes change and driving real-time connection difficult. However, you canContinue reading “Google Apps As Part Of Your Website”

Google Apps Productivity Trade-Offs

Google Apps has an immense impact on an organization’s ability to collaborate.  In our consulting work with clients, we see the impact of teams that are distributed and the ability for work to move quickly from concepts to action.  There is speed from the inherent search architecture as well as collaboration via Google Mail, Calendar,Continue reading “Google Apps Productivity Trade-Offs”

Google Apps For Your Memory

Trying to keep things in your memory is difficult.  We would like to have pristine environments to work, but the reality is that in the grind, work is messy, fast and relentless.  Yet, when we are getting things done, all of this information is valuable as a log for future reference.  There are times whenContinue reading “Google Apps For Your Memory”

4 Google Apps Productivity Tips

Inbound information will overload you, however, Google Apps is designed for extreme productivity and getting things done quickly.  The cloud computing architecture and responsive interface helps you move through information with ease. Today, your speed of execution will differentiate you from the masses who move slowly and are less productive.  The contrast is becoming moreContinue reading “4 Google Apps Productivity Tips”

4 Tips For Google Apps Calendar Collaboration

Google Apps Calendar Best Practices If you only have your schedule to worry about, then your calendaring can be merely personal and a point solution.  However, if you are seeking a high level of collaboration with a team, Google Calendar is extremely powerful for coordinating the changing commitments of daily execution.  Here are four tipsContinue reading “4 Tips For Google Apps Calendar Collaboration”

Google Apps Calendar Invitation Notifications

By default, any Google Apps Calendar invitations will be received as an email.  These settings are controlled in the Calendar->Settings->Notifications tab.  Ensure the checkboxes are appropriate for each medium for receiving Calendar invites.  Otherwise, you may have calendar appointments automatically set without accepting them manually based on the default, “Automatically add invitations to my calendar”Continue reading “Google Apps Calendar Invitation Notifications”

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