Faster Gmail Productivity

Your Google Apps system should be your slave, not your master.  If technology overruns your life, then you are continually at its mercy when interruptions bombard your work day.  The easy interface of Google Apps Mail and speed of processing allows you to move quickly in and out of your email. The technology is notContinue reading “Faster Gmail Productivity”

3 Google Apps Contact Management Best Practices

Google Apps easily becomes your workhorse for productivity.  You have one login for multiple applications from any computer and Android device within an integrated framework. Managing your contacts inside the Google Apps structure effectively can allow you to move with speed to get things done with the people you need to connect to.  People areContinue reading “3 Google Apps Contact Management Best Practices”

Google Apps Strategy Without The IT Headaches

Google Apps allows you to move into cloud computing. The opportunity to grow your business without the IT headaches is a tremendous benefit of working in the cloud.  You are focused on business rather than technology. Where did the idea of having an IT guy come from?  The IT guy is needed once you decideContinue reading “Google Apps Strategy Without The IT Headaches”

4 Tips For Google Apps Calendar Collaboration

Google Apps Calendar Best Practices If you only have your schedule to worry about, then your calendaring can be merely personal and a point solution.  However, if you are seeking a high level of collaboration with a team, Google Calendar is extremely powerful for coordinating the changing commitments of daily execution.  Here are four tipsContinue reading “4 Tips For Google Apps Calendar Collaboration”

Google Apps Calendar Invitation Notifications

By default, any Google Apps Calendar invitations will be received as an email.  These settings are controlled in the Calendar->Settings->Notifications tab.  Ensure the checkboxes are appropriate for each medium for receiving Calendar invites.  Otherwise, you may have calendar appointments automatically set without accepting them manually based on the default, “Automatically add invitations to my calendar”Continue reading “Google Apps Calendar Invitation Notifications”

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