Stop Making It About You

I was at a site and immediately presented with a pop-up advertisement. It felt like it was a slight rite of passage to getting to the good stuff – the content I cared about reading. Was that banner about me or about that company? Why couldn’t the substance of the content itself start and growContinue reading “Stop Making It About You”

Gmail Search Trumps Labels

In our Google Apps consulting, we often transition organizations from a platform like Microsoft Outlook or client applications like Apple Mail or the numerous other email programs out there.  It is not atypical for users to find the transition to the Gmail interface less appealing.  After all, they were used to a user interface thatContinue reading “Gmail Search Trumps Labels”

3 Google Presentation Tips For Your Marketing

Google Docs quickly becomes the mainstay of your marketing materials.  As new information becomes available, you can quickly update previous versions of a document.  This allows for collaboration to continue refining your marketing and sales presentations for your field team. Google Presentations works like PowerPoint.  Slide decks can be created with graphical backgrounds and transitionsContinue reading “3 Google Presentation Tips For Your Marketing”

Google Apps Is About Actions

Collaboration is great, however, it is a means, not an end.  Action is what matters.  As knowledge workers, we have to work at light speed because the people who interact with us every day push work on us easily.  We are bombarded with email, content, projects and other forms of ambiguity. If you can convertContinue reading “Google Apps Is About Actions”

Faster Gmail Productivity

Your Google Apps system should be your slave, not your master.  If technology overruns your life, then you are continually at its mercy when interruptions bombard your work day.  The easy interface of Google Apps Mail and speed of processing allows you to move quickly in and out of your email. The technology is notContinue reading “Faster Gmail Productivity”

4 Google Apps Mail Filters For Productivity

As you have information coming into your desperate world, you can exert more control of your inputs with Google Apps.  Gmail filters allow you to create automation with simple logic steps.  Increase your speed and productivity by implementing these Google Apps filters. 1. Create Instant Tasks Within your Gmail system, you can set a filterContinue reading “4 Google Apps Mail Filters For Productivity”

Google Apps Marketplace Turbocharges Your Team

The Google Apps Marketplace integrates third-party applications with your team’s core business system.  As your adoption of Google Apps grows and facilitates the speed, collaboration and productivity which cloud computing affords, you have a system which acts as a hub spot.  You can extend functionality and plug in what you need as you realize newContinue reading “Google Apps Marketplace Turbocharges Your Team”

Calendar Sharing

Google has the most powerful calendar sharing application.  It is easy to share events securely and publicly if so desired.  Toggling views of calendars and changing events in a world where things are always changing make this an ideal environment for managing constant change. You can share your Google Calendar with members of your organizationContinue reading “Calendar Sharing”

Google Apps Mail Client

When you click a “mailto:” email link in your web browser, your default email software will launch.  For some who have transitioned from Outlook or Thunderbird, you will have your former email client launch undesirably. You can have an email composed from your Gmail program as the default email program by using a tool calledContinue reading “Google Apps Mail Client”

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