Extending Google Apps Mail With Gadgets

Gadgets within the Google Apps Gmail area allow for further customizing your workspace.  Typically, knowledge workers will work within email.  The less you have to move from this area, the better.  You can structure your interface as a central dashboard to other data as well using gadgets. Adding Gadgets By URL Gadgets are a LabsContinue reading “Extending Google Apps Mail With Gadgets”

Google Apps As A Platform

Email is the center of our workflow.  We communicate quickly and efficiently with the killer app.  Google Apps makes this both an increase in personal productivity and a strategic hub for group collaboration.  Even more so, after organizations experience the immediate benefits, they soon see how Google Apps is a strategic platform which can beContinue reading “Google Apps As A Platform”

Google Apps Mail Client

When you click a “mailto:” email link in your web browser, your default email software will launch.  For some who have transitioned from Outlook or Thunderbird, you will have your former email client launch undesirably. You can have an email composed from your Gmail program as the default email program by using a tool calledContinue reading “Google Apps Mail Client”

Google Mail Labs Options

Your Google Apps mail can be customized with additional features to enrich your productivity and collaboration.  In addition to the setup our AscendWorks team customizes, you have the option to enable other features in your Google mail.  Here are some additional ones which you may want to enable.  To get to the Labs section, simplyContinue reading “Google Mail Labs Options”

Virtual Cloud PBX System With Online Fax

Being able to work from any computer anywhere is strategic and relieves headaches from downtime and accessibility.  Google Apps works in the cloud.  Email, calendaring, contacts, tasks, chat and intranet sites are securely accessed and collaborated on within the context of your business team. Two other solutions for communication can further augment your collaboration strategy:Continue reading “Virtual Cloud PBX System With Online Fax”

Canned Responses

Canned responses are a Google Apps Lab feature which allows you to save and use templated email responses from within your email client. Here is how to use it: In the Settings menu, enable canned responses and save.  Compose a new message.  Type in the content of your canned response.  When creating a new email,Continue reading “Canned Responses”

GMinder Calendar Reminders

Google Calendar currently does not have a sound reminder.  There is a pop-up based on the reminder set in the calendar. GMinder is a program which can manage multiple calendars and triggers a sound alert before an appointment as a reminder.  This program sits quietly in your system tray and prompts you for an appointmentContinue reading “GMinder Calendar Reminders”

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