Managing Labels

The best practice using Google Apps mail is to use search to find any archived mail inside your system.  Just as you would Google for information on the internet, your email becomes a repository for quick access. As part of transitioning from email client environments which do not readily support this paradigm, you may stillContinue reading “Managing Labels”

Google Mail Labs Options

Your Google Apps mail can be customized with additional features to enrich your productivity and collaboration.  In addition to the setup our AscendWorks team customizes, you have the option to enable other features in your Google mail.  Here are some additional ones which you may want to enable.  To get to the Labs section, simplyContinue reading “Google Mail Labs Options”

Data Migration From Outlook

To migrate your Contacts, Calendar and email from Microsoft Outlook to your new Google Apps account, simply click here to download the Outlook migration tool. Note the migration tool button.  Load this and select from the wizard what items you will want to migrate.   Note that thousands of emails will take many hours toContinue reading “Data Migration From Outlook”

Send Mail As Another Email

You can consolidate your email addresses into one Gmail account.  By setting up your other email addresses to be sent as the FROM address, you can have one master inbox for all of your emails.  Do the following: Go to the Settings > Accounts menu for setting up your Send Mail As Add the otherContinue reading “Send Mail As Another Email”

Changing Fonts In Google Apps Permanently

To change the default text styling fonts in Google Apps permanently, you can manage this from your Gmail Settings as follows: Make sure Default Text Styling is enabled (see below). Follow the Settings link in Gmail. Go to the General tab. Use the Bold, Italic, Font, Size and Text Color buttons under Default text styletoContinue reading “Changing Fonts In Google Apps Permanently”

Why Google Apps Instead Of Microsoft Outlook

The knowledge worker must operate beyond the traditional desktop software tools which enable individual productivity.  In today’s economy, there is an immense increase in the amount of information flow between customers, vendors, management and team members.  Managing and leveraging this information flow requires tools which are agile, collaborative and accessible. This document outlines how GoogleContinue reading “Why Google Apps Instead Of Microsoft Outlook”