Google Apps And Building A Virtual Organization

Google Apps allows you to grow an organization in the cloud.  Your team can work in a virtual manner apart from the IT headaches of traditional email, calendaring and document management systems.  This is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs and visionaries that understand how the new economy for talent works. In our Google Apps consulting,Continue reading “Google Apps And Building A Virtual Organization”

Google Sites For Customer Collaboration

Google Sites is a ready-made environment for an intranet to store your knowledge base.  Anyone on your team can collaborate with others in a secure area around files, process, content and numerous other internal pieces of information that helps your team get things done. There is also great opportunity to enhance your customer experience byContinue reading “Google Sites For Customer Collaboration”

Google Chat Tips

With Google Apps Chat, you have a connected team.  When your organization is connected, they can be anywhere in the world.  Collaborating in real-time becomes powerful for moving vague pieces forward to a puzzle.  Often times, the people on your team have a distribution of necessary knowledge to solve problems and drive action forward.  HereContinue reading “Google Chat Tips”

4 Google Apps Productivity Tips

Inbound information will overload you, however, Google Apps is designed for extreme productivity and getting things done quickly.  The cloud computing architecture and responsive interface helps you move through information with ease. Today, your speed of execution will differentiate you from the masses who move slowly and are less productive.  The contrast is becoming moreContinue reading “4 Google Apps Productivity Tips”

Google Chat For The Cloud Organization

Google Chat is a unifying technology embedded within the Google Apps mail interface.  Teams which adopt the workflow and interface within Google Apps quickly find a powerful productivity enhancement. The Connected Team Today, work can get done from anywhere.  A knowledge worker is someone who moves information towards actions and results.  We are bombarded byContinue reading “Google Chat For The Cloud Organization”

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