4 Google Apps System Review Tips

A team working in Google Apps is comprised of a bunch of individuals. The advantage of Google Apps is that everyone is collaborating and executing within one system. However, over time, each user may not be using the system in the most efficient or ideal way for the highest levels of success. Knowledge work comesContinue reading “4 Google Apps System Review Tips”

Google Spreadsheets As A Management Scorecard

Managing the performance of your team or partners can be challenging if the debates are around qualitative information. Yet, we often base our judgments on subjective criteria such as likability or appearance. This leads to ambiguity around success. It can be difficult to get true metrics from a sophisticated database on sales performance, support responsivenessContinue reading “Google Spreadsheets As A Management Scorecard”

Google Docs Templates

Reinventing your documents is both tedious and unnecessary. Use Google Docs templates to be able to systematize your business workflows and process.  This increases productivity and collaboration for your team as well as drives predictability. Creating a Google Docs template for Google Spreadsheets, Docs and Presentations is done within the respective Google Doc. Lay itContinue reading “Google Docs Templates”

Google Sites For Customer Collaboration

Google Sites is a ready-made environment for an intranet to store your knowledge base.  Anyone on your team can collaborate with others in a secure area around files, process, content and numerous other internal pieces of information that helps your team get things done. There is also great opportunity to enhance your customer experience byContinue reading “Google Sites For Customer Collaboration”

Google Apps As Part Of Your Website

Google Apps is a powerful suite of web-based applications.  Unlike desktop applications, the documents are web pages.  Thus, they can become strategic in your way to market or service your customers via your organization’s website. Typically, your website is controlled in a centralized fashion.  This makes change and driving real-time connection difficult. However, you canContinue reading “Google Apps As Part Of Your Website”

Google Spreadsheet Collaboration

Google spreadsheets are first and foremost a web document.  This tool will allow you to work with your team and your customers in both real-time and sequential times.  As you are building a financial model, planning for an event or tracking a small database of information, Google spreadsheets within the Google Docs suite of productsContinue reading “Google Spreadsheet Collaboration”

Deleting Accounts And Google Docs

Each Google Doc has an owner.  The owner can share the document with others inside and outside of their organization with Edit and View privileges.  If the owner’s Google Apps account is deleted their respective documents are deleted as well.  This is part of Google’s Privacy Policy.  They give a warning before deleting an account,Continue reading “Deleting Accounts And Google Docs”

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